State statutes require that each State of Connecticut employee be covered by a retirement system. This is a mandatory requirement.

If you are employed in a position statutorily defined as a state teacher or a professional staff member in higher education you may elect membership in the State Employees Retirement System (SERS) Tier IV retirement plan, the SERS Hybrid Plan, the Alternate Retirement Program (ARP), or, if eligible, the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) at the time of your employment. This is a one-time, irrevocable election. If you do not make an election at the time of hire you will automatically become a member of the following based on your bargaining unit (see chart below). No change to an employee’s retirement plan membership is permitted after initial election. However, if you elect SERS Hybrid Plan or ARP membership and are subsequently employed in a position not eligible for SERS Hybrid Plan or ARP participation, you must be enrolled in SERS Tier IV.

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Default Elections

Higher Education employees have the option to choose from SERS, ARP, SERS Hybrid, TRS, or Waive membership based on the position and agency.

Part time adjunct faculty members may elect to waive retirement plan membership. A part-time adjunct’s election to waive is irrevocable.

All State employees must make an irrevocable election on their first day of employment.

If an employee fails to make an election, the agency must place the employee in the agency’s default election.

Agency/EmployeeDefault Election
Non-Higher Education AgenciesSERS Tier IV
UCONN – FacultyNew ARP 6.5%
UCONN – Non-FacultySERS Tier IV Hybrid
UCHC – FacultyNew ARP 6.5%
UCHC – Health ProfessionalsSERS Tier IV
State University – Faculty and Non-FacultySERS Tier IV Hybrid
Community College – Faculty and AdministrativeSERS Tier IV Hybrid
Board State Academic Awards ProfessorsSERS Tier IV Hybrid
Unclassified Non-Union EmployeesSERS Tier IV

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*Classified employees automatically become members of SERS Tier IV

Unclassified non-union employees would default to SERS Tier IV.

To enroll in the appropriate retirement plan, please see your agency’s Human Resources Officer to complete a Form CO-931h, “Designation of Retirement System-Tier-Plan-Beneficiary For Higher Education Employment Only”. Employees who are eligible and wish to waive membership in a retirement system must also complete a Form CO-931h, “Designation of Retirement System-Tier-Plan-Beneficiary For Higher Education Employment Only”.