Lifetime Benefit Estimator Disclaimer

This Pension Comparison Tool provides you with estimates for the purpose of comparison. It is designed to help you estimate what the amount of your future income will be, as compared with the amount you will receive if you choose a different date of retirement.

The calculations that this tool uses to produce its estimates will include (i) assumptions about future events that might not come to pass and (ii) data you supply, and which has not been reviewed or confirmed by the staff of the Retirement Services Division. Specific factors that might further affect the accuracy of these estimates are identified below.

None of the estimates generated by this Pension Comparison Tool has been reviewed, audited, or verified by the Office of the Comptroller, the Retirement Services Division, or the State of Connecticut. Neither the Office of the Comptroller, the Retirement Services Division, nor the State of Connecticut in any way warrants or guarantees what your actual benefits will be at the time you retire. An estimate produced by this Pension Comparison Tool is not a promise or a contract; it does not create any right to receive benefits under SERS.

Risk Factors and Limitations:

  • If you plan to select a benefit option that will provide income to a spouse or contingent annuitant after your death, the amount of your retirement income will be reduced to cover the cost of that option. The Pension Comparison Tool does not take account of your possible choice of such an option. This fact might make the estimate it produces higher than the actual amount of your future retirement income.
  • The Pension Comparison Tool allows you to compare different assumptions about the rate of inflation over the course of your retirement, but the estimates it produces assume that the rate you select will remain constant after you retire. The actual rate of inflation is likely to fluctuate from year to year.
  • The Pension Comparison Tool allows you to compare estimates, based on different dates of retirement, of what will be your total income from the State of Connecticut. These estimates do not take account of any salary you might receive from other employers or any income you will receive from other sources.
  • The estimates produced by the Pension Comparison Tool are stated in gross amounts; your actual income will be subject to taxation.
  • Your actual retirement benefit will be officially calculated by our retirement auditors at the time of your retirement, in accordance with the rules and conditions governing SERS.
  • Section 415(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, 26 U.S.C. ยง 415(b), imposes limits on the amount of retirement benefit that an individual may receive. The estimate provided by the Pension Comparison Tool might not fully incorporate the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • In addition, the Pension Comparison Tool will not calculate:
    • Estimated income for members of any retirement system that is not a part of SERS, such as ARP and TRS.
    • Estimated retirement benefits for judges.
    • Estimates of how a benefit will be adjusted as a result of a divorce decree.
    • Estimates of disability retirement benefits or the coordination of disability compensation payments under Section 5-142(a) of the Connecticut General Statutes.


The Office of the State Comptroller and the Retirement Services Division reserve the right to revise, change, or revoke without notice the information, rules, and procedures used to calculate the estimate provided by this Pension Comparison Tool.

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