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32. What is a vested rights retirement, and am I eligible for it?

  1. After a member of SERS has satisfied the service requirements for a normal, early, or hazardous duty retirement, he or she may elect to leave state service without receiving retirement benefits. The member may then begin receiving retirement benefits at any time after he or she has satisfied the age requirement for early or normal retirement.  This form of retirement is known as a “vested rights retirement” or a “deferred vested retirement.”   Please note: Some members who elect a vested rights retirement will not be eligible to receive retiree health insurance.  Please contact Retiree Health Unit by email at RETHEALTH@ct.gov to determine whether you would qualify for retiree health benefits as a vested rights retiree.
  2. Details about vested rights retirements can be found in the Summary Plan Description for your plan.
  3. A former employee may begin receiving benefits under a vested rights retirement on the first day of any month on or after the date on which (i) the employee has satisfied the minimum age requirement for his or her Tier (please refer to your Tier’s summary plan description) and (ii) the employee’s last employing agency has completed a Vested Rights Retirement Application and submitted the completed application to the Retirement Services Division.