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1. What Does A Municipality Need to Do To Pursue Memberships in CMERS?

The municipality should first contact CMERS at 860-702-3565. The municipality will be given general benefit and cost information about the CMERS as well as specific information regarding the application for membership process. The municipality will be asked to provide CMERS with:

  1. Form CO-1074, entitled “Roster of Employees” which must be completed in order to obtain cost for membership information from the CMERS actuaries.
  2. The initial fee schedule for actuarial charges associated with obtaining the costs of CMERS membership for those listed on the “Roster of Employees”.
  3. The application procedure for participation through a resolution or a collective bargaining agreement. Please note that the State Retirement Commission must approve the participation of a municipality in CMERS. The effective date of participation must be at least 90 days subsequent to the Commission’s receipt of a properly executed resolution or collective bargaining agreement.