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42. May I work after I retire and still receive my CMERS pension?

Yes, with a few limitations. First, if you work in the private sector, your pension is not affected. Second, if you return to a participating CMERS municipality or agency in a permanent position, your pension stops immediately. You will resume membership in the CMERS and receive additional service credit for this period of reemployment when you next retire. Third, if you are employed by CMERS as a temporary employee and paid on a municipal payroll, you are limited to working under 20 hours a week. If you work over 20 hours a week at any point in a calendar year you are limited to 90 working days in a calendar year. Any part of a day is considered a day worked. If you go over 20 hours a week and over 90 days in a calendar year you will be required to pay back all pension payments that have been issued to you in that year.