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12. I am an active member of CMERS. If something should happen to me, what will be available for my spouse and children upon my death?

If you should die before you retire, death benefits may be due to your survivor(s). It is important for you to know that as a CMERS member you can, in some instances, influence the type and amount of benefits which may be available to your survivor(s). Should you become seriously ill or injured, or have a life threatening condition, you or someone on your behalf should contact the CMERS Unit as soon as possible, either directly or through your personnel office. The municipality where you were employed should be notified of your death as soon as possible.

If you are not married or if your spouse is not eligible to receive monthly benefits, your designated beneficiary (who could be your spouse) will receive a lump-sum payment. The amount will equal your contributions plus 5% annual interest credited annually from July 1, 1983 or the July 1st following date of entry into the plan, whichever is later.