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Doing Business with OSC

Contracting Portal – CTSource

All vendors must register with CTSource, creating userid and password, and upload appropriate forms and/or certifications while proposing and/or holding an active Agreement with the State

Requests for Proposals/Bids (RFP)

Active and historical Comptroller’s project announcements which qualified Contractors may submit, or have submitted, proposals to offer and/or perform outlined services.

Contractors Guide to the Code of Ethics

Contractors must attest to have read and adhere to the State’s Contractors Ethics Policy as a signed appendix with bid submissions and within all executed Agreement(s).

Campaign Contribution Certification

Contractors must submit completed certification as a signed appendix with bid submissions and upon 30 days of any change.


Current completed documents must be on file for

  • new contractors must complete prior to executing an Agreement with the Comptroller’s office
  • existing contractors must have up-to-date forms on file throughout the Agreement’s effective dates
Vendor Self-Serve (VSS) Payment/Invoice Portal

Check outstanding invoices, confirm address and payment information, or reconcile accounts receivable online.

Vendor Transmission Interface Files

Secure platform for the Contractor to send and/or receive data files with the Comptroller’s office.

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