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Vendor Forms

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Before commencing performance for the State and throughout the Agreement Term, and during the time that any provisions survive the termination of the Agreement, the Contractor shall:

  1. complete and email the following to the Agency with whom you are Contracting
    1. Vendor Profile Form (SP-26NB)
    2. Vendor ACH Form
    3. Copy of Voided Check
    4. W9
  2. Upload electronic copies of the following to CTSource
    1. Notarized Campaign Contribution Certification
    2. Completed Affirmation of Receipt and Adherence to State Ethics Laws
    3. Current W9
    4. Insurance Coverage
      1. Declaration Page
      2. Certificate of Insurance (Acord Form)
      3. Policy Endorsement

IMPORTANT: Additional documentation and/or certifications not listed here may be required as outlined within the RFP and/or negotiation process.  The CTSource documentation outlined above is required to be updated annually with CTSource before each anniversary of the effective date during the Agreement Term along with any additional required documents or certifications outlined in the RFP and/or negotiation process.

To manage and view all documents with CTSource, go to My Account > Edit Main Org Info > Organization Attachments.

To upload insurance documents with CTSource go to MyAccount > Account Management > State of Connecticut > Attachments > Insurance documents folder.

Need Further Assistance?  

For CT Source: CT Source Supplier Registration User Guide pages 18 through 23 for detailed instructions. 

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