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How to Retire
for Municipal, Probate or Higher-Ed Retirees: consult with your HR representative

Retiring From State Employment

There are several different tiers of retirement that employees fall under based on the date they were hired. Each tier is a little different and offers a unique way to calculate what your retirement benefits may be. To quickly check what tier you are in, look at your paycheck or your paystub:

Certain employees can find what Tier they belong to on their paystubs (SEE BELOW). Otherwise, ask your HR representatives.

Sample Tier

How do I calculate how much money I will receive as a retiree?

Now that you've found your tier, you can use the appropriate calculator to estimate your monthly benefit. Please note that these calculations are meant only to give you an idea of your benefit, and may not be 100% accurate.

How do I file my retirement papers?

First things first, consult your agency Human Resources Department and inform them of your decision to retire.

Next, download and fill out THE APPROPRIATE FORM. Here, you will enter the pertinent information that will allow the Retirement Division of the State Comptroller's Office to being preparing your benefit estimate.

Mail or fax the form to:


You will then be provided an estimated retirement benefit, the amount you will receive immediately following your retirement. The finalization process can take longer. Eventually, your work history and tier calculations will be used to produce your final retirement benefit going forward.

What About Social Security?

The Social Security benefits you will receive after retirement do not effect your state retirement benefits. However, knowing your social security benefit before you file for retirement can help you plan your spending and income into the future.

The Social Security website offers several useful tools, including this CALCULATOR.

Other Questions

The Retirement Division of the State Comptroller's Office is always available to help you navigate the road to retirement. Many questions can be answered quickly by phone or email. Or, if necessary, a staff member is available to meet with you to discuss your options.

You can contact the Retirement Division at (860) 702-3480 or by email at

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