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Connecticut State Employees Retirement Commission

The Connecticut State Employees Retirement Commission consists of: six trustees representing employees who are appointed by the bargaining agents in accordance with the provisions of applicable bargaining agreements; six management trustees who are members of the State Employees Retirement System and appointed by the Governor; two actuarial trustees who are enrolled actuaries and Fellows of the Society of Actuaries, one of whom is nominated by the trustees representing employees and one of whom is nominated by the management trustees, and are appointed by the Governor; and one neutral trustee who is chairman of the State Employees Retirement Commission and is enrolled in the National Academy of Arbitrators who is nominated by the employee and management trustees and appointed by the Governor. The Treasurer or a designee, is a nonvoting ex-officio member. The Comptroller, ex officio, is the nonvoting secretary of the Commission and provides secretarial support to the Commission.

Under the authority granted in Connecticut General Statutes, Section 5-155a, the Connecticut State Employees Retirement Commission administers the provisions of the State Employees Retirement System, the Municipal Employees Retirement System, and all other state retirement and pension plans except the Teachers' Retirement System.

The Chair, with the approval of the Commission, may appoint subcommittees to assist in the orderly process of the purposes of the Commission as set forth in its governing statutes. Each subcommittee reports its recommendations to the Commission. The Commission currently has six subcommittees (Actuarial, Hazardous Duty, Investment, Personnel & Litigation, Purchasing and Regulation) that meet on a non-regular basis to assist it in its duties.

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