State of Connecticut Property Control Manual Appendix B - DPS-29 SALE DECLARATION REPORT - MOTOR VEHICLE

state of connecticut

Appendix B- Forms and Completion Instructions

The purpose of this form is to declare that the vehicle is no longer needed and is ready for resale through the State and Federal Property Distribution Center.

Date - Enter the date the report is being prepared.
Agency Turning in Vehicle - Enter your agency name.
Equipment Number - Enter the inventory tag number.
Registration Number - Enter the vehicle registration number.
Year - Enter the model year.
Make of Car - Enter the manufacturer's name.
Model - Enter the model name.
Body Type - Enter the type of body i.e., station wagon, sedan, truck, etc.
Complete Serial Number - Enter the engine number assigned by the manufacturer.
Color - Enter the body color of the vehicle.
No. of Doors - Enter the number of doors on the vehicle.
No. of Cylinders - Enter the number of cylinders i.e., 4 or 6, etc.
Type of Transmission - Enter the type of transmission on the vehicle.
Mileage - Enter the mileage currently on the odometer.
Proceeds of Sale to be Deposited to Agency's Account Number
- Department - SID - Account - Indicate the agency's chartfield so that the proceeds can be deposited to that account.
Condition (List All Defects) -
Front End
Rear End
Enter any applicable data in the above sections.
Agency Official - (Please type)
Signature - Signature of the agency head is required.
Telephone - Please provide the phone number of the agency head for questions pertaining to the vehicle.
Follow this hyperlink for an example of this form.

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