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Core-CT Reports

1.0 Reports

1.1 Core-CT Reporting Catalog

The Core-CT Catalog of Reports and Queries is a repository of information that describes reports and queries that have been developed for users. These reports and queries are supported by the Core-CT Financial and EPM teams. The Catalog is divided into two sections; 1) Online Financial Reports, and 2) EPM Queries.

1.2 Online Financial Reports

The Online Financial Reports section contains information on custom or delivered reports that are run from the production environment and provide "real-time" information. While you are able to access all of the report guides listed in this section, your ability to run the reports in Core-CT is dependent upon your security access. For a full listing, see:

For full explanations of and access to the Core-CT reports see: http://www.core-

1.3 EPM Queries

The EPM Queries section contains descriptions of EPM queries that have been developed and are maintained by the Core-CT EPM team. EPM uses a data warehouse to store data. The data warehouse is refreshed from the production data base on a nightly basis. Data warehouses facilitate data retrieval by allowing users to determine their own reporting needs and to craft queries (select records, fields, and determine criteria) that provide just the information needed. Similar to the online production reporting environment, EPM table access is dependent on a user's security access. For a full listing, see the embedded Excel file. :

For full explanations of and access to the Core-CT queries see: