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Department Listing

Up to date as of August 1, 2015

* indicates agency involved with consolidations.
� indicates SmART agency

Business Unit Agency Name Department ID Listing
AESM1 Agricultural Experiment Station AES48000 - AES48131
APAM1 Auditors of Public Accounts APA11000
APCM1 Asian Pacific American Comm APC11950
APTM1 CT Airport Authority APT59500 - APT59752
BORM1 Board of Regents BOR77700 - BOR85500
BORAA Bd. of Regents - Academic Awards BOR77900
BORMA CT Comm. Coll. Board BOR78000
BORMB CCC - Manchester BOR78300
BORMC CCC - Northwestern BOR78500
BORMD CCC - Norwalk BOR78700
BORME CCC - Housatonic BOR78900
BORMF CCC - Middlesex BOR79100
BORMG CCC - Capital BOR79300
BORMH CCC - Naugatuck Valley BOR79500
BORMI CCC - Gateway BOR79700
BORMJ CCC - Tunxis BOR79900
BORMK CCC - Three Rivers BOR80100
BORML CCC - Quinebaug Valley BOR80300
BORMM CCC - Asnuntuck BOR80500
BORUS Connecticut State Universities BOR83500
BORCU CSU - Central BOR84000
BOREU CSU - Eastern BOR85500
BORSU CSU - Southern BOR85000
BORWU CSU - Western BOR84500
CAAM1 African-American Affairs CAA11900
CCYM1 Commission on Children CCY11600
CDAM1 CT Development Authority CDA47100
CEQM1 Environmental Quality Council CEQ45000
CIIM1 CT Innovations Inc CII47000
CJCM1 Criminal Justice Commission CJC31000
CLCM1 Connecticut Lottery Corp. CLC19000 - CLC19350
CMEM1 Chief Medical Examiner's Offc CME49500 - CME49530
CRDM1 Capitol Region Dev Auth CRD47200
CSLM1 Connecticut State Library CSL66000 - CSL66094
CSWM1 Comm on the Status of Women CSW11500
DAGM1 Dept. of Agriculture DAG42500 - DAG42750
DASM1 Dept of Administrative Svcs DAS23000 - DAS27753
DCFM1 Dept. of Children and Families DCF91000 - DCF93069
DCFR0 DCF - Solnit Children Center North DCF91400 - DCF91452
DCFR1 DCF - Southwest Region DCF91700 - DCF91799
DCFR2 DCF - CT Juvenile Training Sch DCF91210 - DCF91253
DCFR3 DCF - Eastern Region DCF92350 - DCF92369
DCFR4 DCF - South Central Region DCF92020 - DCF92064
DCFR5 DCF - Norhtwest Region DCF91500 - DCF91354
DCFR6 DCF - Solnit Children Center South DCF91600 - DCF91652
DCFR8 DCF - North Central Region DCF91260 - DCF91292
DCJM1 Division of Criminal Justice DCJ30000 - DCJ30780
DDSM1 Department of Development Serv DDS50000 - DDS52544
DEPM1 Dept of Energy & Environ Prot. DEP38000 - DEP44920
DHEM1 Office of Higher Education DHE66500 - DHE66590
DMVM1 Dept. of Motor Vehicles DMV35000 - DMV35950
DOBM1 Dept. of Banking DOB37000 - DOB37050
DOCM1 Dept. of Correction DOC88000 - DOC89354
DOHM1 Dept. of Housing DOH46900 - DOH46961
DOIM1 Dept. of Insurance DOI37500 - DOI37590
DOLM1 Dept. of Labor DOL40000 - DOL40740
DOTM1 Dept. of Transportation DOT57000 - DOT57951
DPHM1 Dept. of Public Health DPH48500 - DPH48991
DPSM1 Dept of Emrg Svc & Public Prot DPS32000 - DPS32990
DRSM1 Dept. of Revenue Services DRS16000 - DRS16456
DSRM1 Division of Special Revenue DSR18000 - DSR18402
DSSM1 Dept. of Social Services DSS60000 - DSS61504
DVAM1 Dept. of Veterans' Affairs DVA21000 - DVA21760
ECDM1 Econ. & Community Development ECD46000 - ECD46850
GOVM1 Governor's Office GOV12000 - GOV12040
HCAM1 Office of Health Care Access HCA49000 - HCA49040
HFAM1 CT Housing & Fin. Authority HFA19600
HROM1 Human Rights & Opportunities HRO41100 - HRO41110
JUDM1 Judicial Branch JUD95000 - JUD96562
LGOM1 Lieutenant Governor's Office LGO13000
LPRM1 Latino & Puerto Rican Affairs LPR11700
MCOM1 Off of the Healthcare Advocate MCO39400 - MCO39430
MHAM1 Mental Heath & Addiction Serv. MHA53000 - MHA55366
MHAM2 MHA - Southeastern Mental Health MHA53980 - MHA54127
MHAM3 MHA Southwest CT Mental Health MHA55040 - MHA55200
MHAM4 MHA - Western CT Mental Health MHA53810 - MHA53974
MHAM5 MHA - CT Mental Health Center MHA54350 - MHA54549
MHAM6 MHA - Capital Region MH Center MHA54570 - MHA54722
MHAM7 MHA - Cedarcrest MHA54740 - MHA55018
MHAM8 MHA - CT Valley Hospital MHA53350 - MHA53778
MHAM9 MHA - River Valley Services MHA54150 - MHA54352
MILM1 Military Dept. MIL36000 - MIL36402
OAGM1 Attorney General's Office OAG29000 - OAG29480
OECM1 Office of Early Childhood OEC64800 - OEC64870
OGAM1 Office of Governmental  Accountability OGA17000 - OGA17450
OLMM1 Legislative Management OLM10000
OPAM1 Off. of Protection & Advocacy OPA41200 - OPA41243
OPMM1 Office of Policy & Management OPM20000 - OPM20900
OSCM1 State Comptroller's Office OSC15000 - OSC15999
OTTM1 Office of the State Treasurer OTT14000 - OTT14740
PCAM1 Probate Court Administration PCA98000 - PCA98699
PDSM1 Public Defender Services PDS98500 - PDS98980
PRBM1 State Properties Review Board PRB13900
PRCM1 Capitol Preserv. & Restoration PRC11800
SDAM1 State Dept on Aging SDA62500 - SDA62810
SDEM1 State Dept of Education SDE64000 - SDE64551
SDRM1 Dept of Rehabilitation Services SDR63500 - SDR63850
SOSM1 Secretary of the State SOS12500
TRBM1 Teachers' Retirement Board TRB77500
UHCM1 UConn Health Center UHC72000
UOCM1 University of Connecticut UOC67000
WCCM1 Worker's Compensation Comm WCC42000 - WCC42400
  Inactive Agencies*  
BAAM1 Board of Academic Awards BAA77000 - BAA77200
BOAM1 Board of Accountancy BOA22500
BOPM1 Board of Parole BOP90100 - BOP90130
BPDM1 Board of Pardons BPD90000
BRSM1 Bureau of Rehab Services BRS63500
CATM1 Comm. On Culture and Tourism CAT45200 - CAT45250
CCCM1 CT Community Colleges CCC78000 - CCC80500
CEFM1 Clean Energy Fund CEF47050 (In Development)
CHCM1 Historical Commission CHC39400 - CHC45140
COAM1 Commission on Aging COA11400
CODM1 Deaf and Hearing Impaired Comm COD65500 - COD65530
CPCM1 Child Protection Commission CPC98920 - CPC98980
CSBM1 Contracting Standards Board CSB13950
CSCM1 Connecticut Siting Council CSC38000
CSUM1 Connecticut State Universities CSU83000 - CSU85500
CTFM1 Children's Trust Fund CTF94000
DCCM1 Office of Consumer Counsel DCC38100
DCPM1 Dept of Consumer Protection DCP18106 - DCP39940
DCSM1 Dept of Construction Services DCS28000 - DCS28333
DMRMC Dept of Mental Retardation  
DPWM1 Department of Public Works DPW27000 - DPW27812
EHSM1 Emergency & Homeland Security EHS99500 - EHS99690
ELEM1 Elections Enforcement Comm. ELE13500
ESBM1 Bd of Ed & Services for the Blind ESB65000 - ESB65090
ETHM1 Office of State Ethics ETH13600
FOIM1 Freedom of Information Comm FOI13700 - FOI13730
FPCM1 Fire Prevention & Control FPC36500 - FPC36540
FPEM1 Firearm Permit Examiners Board FPE34100
GPBM1 Gaming Policy Board GPB19700
IRMM1 Insurance & Risk Management IRM19500
ITDM1 Dept of Information Technology ITD25000 - ITD25902
JRCM1 Judicial Review Council JRC99000
JSCM1 Judicial Selection Commission JSC13800
OCAM1 Office of the Child Advocate OCA41300
OCCM1 Claims Commissioner's Office OCC29500
OVAM1 Office of the Victim Advocate OVA41000
OWCM1 Off of Workforce Competitiveness OWC22000
PSRM1 Psychiatric Security Review PSR56000
PSTM1 Police Officer Standards & Training PST34000 - PST34024
PUCM1 Public Utility Control Dept PUC39000
SMCM1 State Marshal Commission SMC31500
SSMM1 Soldier, Sailor & Marine Fund SSM63000
* An inactive agency is defined as a business unit that has no active run controls in Core-CT.