SID 12000 - Specific Appropriations
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Updated to November 15, 2022

12001Refunds Of Payments
12002Refunds Of Escheated Property
12003Adjudicated Claims
12004Petty Cash
12005Unemployment Compensation
12006Employees Ret Contributions
12007Higher Ed Alternatve Ret Syst
12008Pension & Ret Other Statutory
12009Judges & Comp Commissionrs Ret
12010Group Life Insurance
12011Employers Social Security Tax
12012ST Employees Hlth Service Cost
12013Retir Employ Health Serv Cost
12014Governors Contingency
12015Reserve For Salary Adjustments
12016Tuition Reimburs Tranig & Trvl
12017Highway Planning And Research
12018Other Post Employment Benefits
12019Cap Security Improvement Proj
12020Social Health Index
12021Lobbyist Electronic Filng Prog
12022  Health Insurance Consultant
12023Trans Living Serv For Veterans
12024Labor Management Fund
12025Forensic Sex Evidence Exams
12026Stress Reduction
12027Martin Luther King Jr Comm
12028Child Fatality Review Panel
12029Oyster Program
12030Stream Gaging
12031Freedom Trail
12032Elderly Rntl Regstry & Conslrs
12033Medicolegal Investigations
12034Human Resource Development
12035Housing Supports And Services
12036Transportation Strategy Board
12037Part Time Interpreters
12038Relocatn ST Library Archives
12039Computer Software
12040Out Of State Beds
12041Short Term Res Treatment
12042Childrens Trust Fund
12043Alternative Incarceration Prog
12044Transfer Claims Liabilities
12045Occupational Health Clinics
12046Criminal Justice Fraud Unit
12047Criminal Injuries Compensation
12048Handicapped Access Program
12049Flag Restoration
12050Collctn & Litigton Cntngncy Fd
12051Training At Satllite Academies
12052Human Rights Referees
12053CT Seafood Advisory Council
12054Mosquito Control
12055Industry Cluster Initiative
12056Mosquito/Disease Surveillance
12057Young Parents Program
12058Medicaid Rehab Opt & Spec Hlth
12060Ed Aid Blind/Vis Imprd Childrn
12061Statewide Digital Library
12062Inmate Tracking System
12063Long Lane School Transition
12064Justice Education Center
12065Assigned Counsel-Contractual
12066Rehabilitative Services
12067Reflective License Plates
12068Cap Child Dev Centr Playground
12069Witness Protection
12070Food Council
12071Wildlife Fertility Control
12072Family Support Grants
12073Supportive Housing
12074Institutes For Educators
12075Community Justice Center
12076Assigned Counsel-Criminal
12077Insurance Enforcement
12078 Energy Contingency
12079CETC Workforce
12080CT Ed Technology Initiatives
12081Minor Capital Improvements
12082Fleet Purchase
12083Vibrio Bacterium Program
12084ST Superfund Site Maintenance
12085Pregnancy Healthline
12086Pilot Prog For Client Services
12087Comm Mntl Hlth Strat Invest Fd
12088Basc Skill Exam Teach In Train
12089Computerized Case Mgmt System
12090Expert Witnesses
12091CVISN Project
12092Hospital Transit For Dialysis
12094Wellness Pre-Natal Program
12095Automated Personnel System
12096Management Services
12097Training And Education
12098Workforce Investment Act
12099Charter Oak Open Space Trust
12100Needle & Syringe Exchange Prog
12101Cooperative Placements Program
12102APT Relocation
12103Teach Stand Implementaton Prog
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12104Interlibrary Loan Delivry Serv
12105Juvenile Alt Incarceration
12106Training And Education
12107Core Financial Systems
12108Jobs Funnel Projects
12109Commiss For Ed Technology
12110Expert Witnesses
12111Connecticut Wine Council
12112Comm Serv Sup For Aids Victims
12113Early Childhood Program
12114Workforce Development Boards
12115Loss Control Risk Management
12116Admin Commission For Ed Tech
12117Medicaid Fraud Control
12118Gun Law Enforcement Task Force
12119Res Undrgrd Strge Tank Cleanup
12120Clinical Work Stations
12121HUSKY Performance Monitoring
12122School To Work
12123Employees Review Board
12124Hlth Ins Portablty & Acctablty
12125One Time Helicopter Costs
12126Childrens Health Initiative
12127Husky Outreach
12128Juvenile Justice Centers
12129Minor Capital Improvements
12130Litigation Settlement
12131Placement And Training Fund
12132Tobacco Education
12133MH Needs Of Immigrant Children
12134Admin - Early Reading Success
12135Probate Court
12136Disabilities Outreach Program
12137CT Immunization Registry
12138Admin - Magnet Schools
12139Operating Expenses
12140Truancy Services
12141Surety Bonds For St Off & Empl
12142Hosp Grant & Assistance Prog
12143Adjudicated Claims
12144Honor Guards
12145Vocational & Manpower Training
12146Laboratory Fees
12147Newborn Hearing Screening
12148Voices Of Children-Parent Acad
12149Distance Learning Consortium
12150Sheriffs Transition Account
12151Refunds Of Taxes
12152Honor Guards
12153Award Payments To Veterans
12154Death Benefits For St Employ
12155Quality Of Work Life Fund
12156Grants For Water Programs
12157Managed Service System
12158Admin Extended School Hours
12159Ahec For Bridgeport
12160Spanish Lang Interpreter Cert
12161Refund Of Taxes Income Tax
12162St Employ Retirement Data Base
12163Recreational Fishing Programs
12164Drug Trtmnt For Schizophrenia
12165Admin - Adult Education
12166Tuition Freeze
12167Ref Of Taxes R & D Credit Exch
12168Rail Operations
12169Auto Bud Sys & Data Base Link
12170Biomedical Research
12171Dev Of Mstry Exams Gr 4 6 & 8
12172Legal Legislative Lib Material
12173Regional Campus Enhancement
12174Waterbury Based Degree Program
12175Bus Operations
12176Refunds Of Collections
12177Admin-Interdistrict Cooperatio
12178State-wide Library Catalog
12179Rents & Moving
12180Womens Bus Development Center
12181Work Performance Bonus
12182Operating Reserves
12183Drugs Don't Work
12184Capitol Day Care Center
12185Clinical Services
12186Dial-A-Ride Jobs Transportaton
12187Ind Living Ctr Grant Admin
12188Minority Advancement Program
12189Complete Geriatric Partnership
12190Woodland St Operating Expense
12191Facilities Design Expenses
12192Birth to Three
12193Anti-Hunger Programs
12194Alt Route To Certification
12195Dam Maintenance
12196Legal Services
12197Genetic Test in Paternity Act
12198Primary Mental Health
12199CT Mental Health Center
12200National Service Act
12201Cap Region Mental Health Centr
12202State Food Stamp Supplement
12203Admin - Youth Service Bureaus
12204Interim Committee Staffing
12205CT's Youth Employment Program
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12206Temporary Support Services
12207Professional Services
12208International Initiatives
12209Stress Management
12210Interim Salary Caucus Offices
12211Leadership Ed Athl In Partn
12212Jobs First Employment Services
12213Community Temp Support Service
12214Minority Teach Incentive Prog
12215Regional Action Councils
12216Adult Education Action
12217Higher Ed St Matching Grant Fd
12218Workers Comp Administrator
12219Community Respite Care Program
12220General Assistnce Managed Care
12221Reading Institutes
12222Children & Youth Prog & Dev
12223Hospital Billing System
12224Day Care Projects
12225Teacher Training
12226Welfare To Work Grant Program
12227Childhood Lead Poisoning Prev
12228Commission On Aging
12229Higher Ed Asset Protecton Prog
12230Industrial Renewal Plan
12231Cash Managemnt Improvement Act
12232Opportunity Industrial Centers
12233Education & Health Initiatives
12234Substance Abuse Screening
12235Workers Compensation Claims
12236Aids Services
12237Voc Technical School Textbooks
12238New Family Center
12239Husky B Program
12240Repair Of Instructional Equip
12241Saturday Academy
12242Inmate Medical Services
12243Local Systems Of Care
12244Fringe Benefits
12245Individual Development Account
12246Long Island Sound Research Fd
12247Nursing Home Screening Program
12248Minor Repairs To Plant
12250Young Adult Services
12251Justice Assistance Grants
12252Opprtunty Ind Ctrs Bridgeport
12253CT Pre Engineering Program
12254Neighborhood Youth Centers
12255Brst & Crvcl Cancr Dtctn Trtmt
12256TBI Community Services
12257Contracting Instruct TV Serv
12258Emergency Response Commission
12259Serv For Chldrn Affctd By Aids
12260Transitional Youth
12261Connecticut Writing Project
12262Indirect Overhead
12263Beardsley Park And Zoo
12264Chldrn Spec Hlth Care Needs
12265Jobs For Connecticut Graduates
12266Nuclear Energy Advisry Council
12267Hgh Effic Licen Prg In Ptnrshp
12268Medicaid Administration
12269Institute For Muni & Reg Polcy
12270Jason Project
12271Boys And Girls Club
12272Hartford Pub School Monitors
12274Devlpmntlly Disabled Sttlmnt
12275Year 2000 Conversion
12276Adopt-A House In Stamford
12277Waterbury Youth Net
12278Jail Diversion
12279Library Improvements
12280Refunds Of Fees & Assessments
12281Refunds of Assessments & Fees
12282Highway & Bridge Renewal 2002
12283Highway & Bridge Renewal 2003
12284Insurance Recovery
12285Debt Service
12286UCONN 2000 Debt Service
12287CHEFA Day Care Secrty Dbt Serv
12288Wildlife Disease Prevention
12289Behavioral Health Medications
12290Resource Equity Assessment
12291Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
12292Prison Overcrowding
12293Highway & Bridge Renewal-2004
12294New Placements
12295Support Services for Veterans
12296State-Wide Marketing
12297Community Mental Health Stateg
12298Medicaid Adult Rehab Options
12299Husky Plus
12300Readers as Leaders
12301Employment Opportunities - Blind
12302Board of Pardons and Paroles
12303Parole Support Services
12304Family Support Services
12305Emergency Needs
12306Comm Vehicle Info. Sys.Net Prj
12307Nursing incentive program
12308Innovation Challenge Grant
12309Small Bus Innovation Res Init
12310CT Space Grant College Consrt
12311CT Career Choices
12312Nanotechnology Study
12313Entreprenurial Training
12314Seed Fnds for InnerCity Devlp
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12315Artesian Well Repairs
12316Energy Contingency
12317Collection and Litig. Contin.
12318Neighborhood Youth Cntr
12319Licensing and Permitting Fees
12320Regional Planning Agenc.
12321SBIR Initative
12322Career Ladder Pilot Prg.
12323Conn. Education Network
12324Information Technology
12325Veterans' Service Bonuses
12326Military Assistance
12328Apprenticeship Program
12329Spanish-Am Merchants Assoc.
12330Discharge and Diversion Serv.
12331Early Childhood Advisry Cabinet
12332High School Tech. Init.
12333Safe Harbor Respite
12334Tweed-New Haven Airprt. Grant
12335Plans of Conservation and Dev.
12336Contingency Needs
12337Parish Hill Accreditation
12338Bridgeport Pub. Sch. Audit
12339WCSU Greek Chair
12340Autism Services
12342Commission�s Per Diems
12343Judge Trial Referee Fees
12344Document Index System
12346Reserve for Attorney Feess
12347Information Tech Initiatives
12348We CT Project Constitution
12349Urban Youth Employment
12350Land Use Education
12351Property Rights Ombudsman
12352Office of Business Advocate
12353Correctional Ombudsman
12355Urban Violence Task Force
12356Child Protection Registry
12357CT Career Resources Network
1235821st Century Jobs
12359TANF Job Reorganization
12360Incumbent Worker Training
12361State Strategic Econ Dev Plan
12362Research Based Technology
12363Small Business Incubator Pgrm
12364Fuel Cell Econ. Develop. Plan
12367Young Adult Services
12368Future Math and Science Schol
12369Generation Next
12370Farm to Schools
12371Best Practices
12372Math Science Challenge
12373Loan Forgiveness Program
12374Mental Health AIC
12375Youthful Offender Status
12376Victim Security Account
12377Contract Attorneys Civil Juven
12378ADA Para transit Program
12379Non-ADA Dial A Ride
12380Department on Aging
12381Commission's Per Diems
12382Results-based Accountability
12383Beach Erosion Project
12384CT Academy of Science and Engi
12385Implement Energy Initatives
12386Film Industry Equipment
12387Film Industry Study
12388Perm. Upgrade 61 Woodland st
12389State-wide Energy Efficency O
12390Dairy Farmers
12391New Diesel Buses
12392Griswold Rec. Fields
12393Tidal Boundaries Study
12394Nathan Hale Homestead
12395Bushnell Memorial
12396Fairfield Arts Council
12397Hartford Arena Study
12399Deferred Maint. Public Housing
12400Home CT
12401Crisis Hospital Fund
12402DNA Epicenter in New London
12403Distance Learning Initative
12404Technical School Supplies
12405Longitutdinal Data System
12406Arts Inventory
12407Cheshire Prison Effluence
12408Adolescent Psychiatric Service
12409Defeasance ECLM and Clean Ener
12410Other Post Employment Benefits
12411CT Asso. Performing Arts/Schub
12412Hartford Urban Arts Grant
12413New Britain Arts Alliance
12414Manufacturing Technology Progr
12415Expand Manufacturing Technolog
12416Training for Contracted Attorn
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12417Assigned Counsel-Child Protect
12418Contracted Attorneys Related E
12419Info Anytime
12420Computer Access
12421Senior Food Vouchers
12422Storm Drain Filters
12423Invasive Plants Council
12424Amer-I-Can Program
12426Unemployment Benefits for Mili
12427Southeast Tourism Transit Syst
12428Non Bondable Bus Capital Proje
12429Southeast CT Intermodal Transp
12430Fetal and Infant Mortality Rev
12431Nursing Student Loan Forgivene
12432Fair Housing
12433BioFuels Production Account
12434CCAT-Energy Application Resear
12435Main Street Initiatives
12436Residential Service Coordinato
12437Office of Military Affairs
12438Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Economy
12439Southeast CT Incubator
12440Southeast CT Marketing Plan
12441American Red Cross
12442Firefighter Training I
12443Internet and E-Mail Services
12444Home and Community Based Servi
12445Old State House
12446Water Planning Council
12447Urban Youth Violence Preventio
12448Adult Literacy Council
12449Film Industry Training Program
12450Small Business Innovation Rese
12451Para Professional Development
12452School Readiness Staff Bonuses
12453School Accountability
12454Preschool Quality Rating Syste
12455Connecticut Science Center
12456Reach Out and Read
12457Sheff Settlement
12458Basin Level Water Planning
12459Admin - After School Programs
12460CT Impaired Driving Records In
12461Ivoryton Playhouse
12462CCAT Manufacturing Supply Chai
12463CommPACT Schools
12464Contracting Standards Board
12465Persistent Violent Felony Act
12466Ivoryton Playhouse
12467CT Manufacturing Supply Chain
12468CommPACT Schools
12469GF Bond Debt Associated Costs
12470Implementation of Section 5-12
12471Customized Services
12472Foreclosure Mediation Program
12473Furnace Boiler Rebate
12474Furnace Boiler Upgrade
12475Energy Improvement Loans
12476Energy Contingency
12477Energy Audit Subsidy
12478Energy Assistance Programs
12480Commercial Recording Division
12481Citizens Election Fund Admin.
12482Gaming Policy Board
12483Claims Commissioner Operations
12484Statewide Information Tech.
12485Criminal Justice Commission
12486Council Disticts ERTs Land Use
12487Emergency Spill Response Acct
12488Solid Waste Management Account
12489Underground Storage Tank Acct.
12490Clean Air Account Fund
12491Enviromental Conservation Fund
12492Boating Account
12493Behavioral Services Program
12494Charter Oak Health Plan
12495Community Plans Early Chld
12496Improving Early Literacy
12498Distance Learning
12499Family Contracted Attorneys
12500Pension Obligation Bonds TRB
12501Environmental Quality Fees Fd
12502Children of Incarcerated Par.
12503DOC Distance Learning
12504Homeless Youth
12505Next Steps Supportive Housing
12506Parents Trust Fund Program
12507Insurance& Risk Mgmt Operation
12508Board of Accountancy
12509Revenue Maximization
12510Management Services
12511IT Services
12512Firing Squads
12513Economic Development Grants
12514Garde Arts Theatre
12515Differential Response System
12516Legal Aid
12517Juvenile Jurisdiction Policy
12518Pay-As-You-Go Transport Prjcts
12519Regional Vocational-Tech Schoo
12520Child Care Services
12521Supplemental Payments
12522Elections Enforcement Commissi
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12523Office of State Ethics
12524Freedom of Infor Commission
12525Contracting Standards Board
12526Judicial Review Council
12527Judicial Selection Commission
12528Office of the Child Advocate
12529Office of the Victim Advocate
12530Bd of Firearms Permit Examiner
12531Charter Oak State College
12532Community Tech College System
12533Connecticut State University
12534Board of Regents
12536Health Reform and Innovation
12537Cold Case Unit
12538Shooting Taskforce
12539Pheasant Stocking Account
12540Capitol Region Developmen Auth
12541Nursing Home Contract
12542HUSKY Performance Monitoring
12543Science Program for Ed Reform
12544Wrap Around Services
12545Parent Universities
12546School Health Coordinator Pilo
12547Commissioner's Network
12548Tech Assistance-Regional Coop
12549Local Charter Schools
12550Bridges to Success
12551K-3 Reading Assessment Pilot
12552Talent Development
12553English Language Learner Schol
12554Ct Ctr for Advanced Technology
12555Youth Violence Initiative
12556Transit Improvement Program
12557Main St Investment Fund Admin
12558Greenways Account
12559Youth Services Prevention
12560Intensive Support Services
12561Conservation Districts & Soil
12562Neighborhood Music School
12563Immunization Services
12564Pre-Trial Account
12565Fall Prevention
12566Common Core
12567Alternativ High School & Adult
12568Special Master
12570Regional Behavioral Health Con
12571Judge's Increases
12572Children's Law Center
12573Project Longevity
12574SSMF Administration
12575Opportunity-Long Term Unemp
12576Veterans' Opportunity Pilot
12577Maternal Mortality Review
12578Transform CCSU
12579Juvenile Planning
12580CAA Related Funds
12581Program Evaluation
12582Second Chance Initiatives
12583Cradle to Career
125842Gen - TANF
12586New Haven Jobs Funnel
12587School-Based Diversion Initiat
12588Next Generation Connecticut
12590Port Authority
12591Developmental Services
12592Outcome-Based Funding Incentiv
12593Airport Operations
12594Council of Governments
12595Firefighters Fund
12596Healthcare Apprenticeship Init
12597Manufacturing Pipeline Initiat
12598Fish Hatcheries
12599ID Partnership Initiatives
12600Katie Blair House
12601Forensic Services
12602Technical High Schools OE
12603Nurturing Families Network
12604Municipal & Regional Policy
12605Crumbling Foundations
12606Dairy Farmer-Ag Sustainability
12607Emergency Placements
12608    SERS Defined Contribution Match
12609    EdSight
12610    Sheff Transportation
12611    Curriculum and Standards
12612    Manufacturing Growth Initiativ
12613    Hartford 2000
12614    St Employee Retire-Normal Cost
12615    St Employees Retirement-UAL
12616    Juvenile Justice Outreach Srvc
12617    Board & Care for Children
12618    LGBTQ Health & Human Services
12619    Workforce Training Authority
12620    Federal Furlough Loan Program
12621    Workers Comp Claims - UConn
12622    Workers Comp Claims - UCHC
12623    Workers Comp Claims - CSCU
12624    Workers Comp Claims - DCF
12625    Workers Comp Claims - DMHAS
12626    Workers Comp Claims - DESPP
12627    Workers Comp Claims - DDS
12628    Workers Comp Claims - DOC
12629    Office of Workforce Strategy
12630    Transportation Asset Managemen
12631    Temporary Operating Support
12632    Non Sheff Transportation
12633    Office of Pandemic Preparednes
12634    Counsel for Domestic Violence
12635    Office of Workforce Strategy.
12636    Tobacco Prevention
12637    Community Care Coordination
12638    Veteran's Rally Point
12639    Early Child Care Prov Stab Pmt
12640    Minority Teacher Scholarship
12641    Black Business Alliance
12642    Hartford Economic Devel Corp
12646    Library for the Blind.
12643    O'Neill Chair
12644    Subs Use Disorder Wvr Res Acct
12645    Gun Violence Prevention
12647    CT Premium Pay Account
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