SID 16000 - Grants
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Updated to November 15, 2022

16001Civil Air Patrol
16002WIC Prog For Frsh Prdce-Senrs
16003Grants For Sub Abuse Services
16004Vocational Rehabilita-Disabled
16005Basic Cultural Resources Grant
16006Retirement Contributions
16007Aid To Parld & Dischrgd Inmats
16008Hlth Assessment & Consultation
16009Fire Train School Willimantic
16010Maint Of Cnty Bse Fre Rad Ntwk
16011Maint Of Stwde Fire Radio Ntwk
16012Grants To General Hospitals
16013Police Association Of CT
16014CT State Firefighters Assoc
16015Interstate Environmental Comm
16016Gov Accounting Standards Board
16017Tax Relief For Elderly Renters
16018Soil Conservation Districts
16019Entrepreneurial Centers
16021American School For The Deaf
16022Cooperating Library Serv Units
16023Retirees Health Service Cost
16024Gr Psychiatric Clin For Chldrn
16025Fire Training School Torrngton
16026New England Gov Conference
16027Collctn Of Agricultural Stats
16028US Geo Survy Geolgy Invstigtns
16029Subsidized Assisted Living Dem
16030Lifestar Helicopter
16031RESC Leases
16032Muni Retiree Hlth Ins Costs
16033Gr Day Trtmt Ctrs For Children
16034Fire Training School-New Haven
16035National Governors Assoc
16036Priv Provdr Infrstrtre/Debt Fd
16037Tuberclss & Brucllss Indemnity
16038USGS-Hydrological Study
16039Govnr Prtnrshp Prtct CT Wkfrc
16040Supplementary Relief & Service
16041Grnt Loc Inst In Humanities
16042Legal Services To Prisoners
16043Juvenile Justice Outreach Serv
16044Fire Training School - Derby
16045Burial Expenses
16046New Eng Intrst Wtr Pollut Comm
16047CT Ed Telecommunications Corp
16048Loan Reimburs/Scholarshp Pilot
16050Drug Enforcement Program
16051Fair Testing
16052NE Interstate Forest Fire Comp
16053Mental Health Service Grants
16054Vocational Rehabilitatio-Blind
16055Capitol Scholarship Program
16056Fire Training School Wolcott
16057Interstate Conference Fund
16058Art Grants
16059CT River Vally Flood Ctrl Comm
16060Community Health Services
16061Old Age Assistance
16062Regional Education Services
16063Awrd-Chldrn Of Decd/Disabl Vet
16064Child Abuse & Neglect Intrvntn
16065Fire Training School Fairfield
16066Private Providers
16067CT Grown Product Promotion
16068Congregate Facilities Op Costs
16069Rent Subsidy Program
16070Employment Opportunities
16071Aid To The Blind
16072Omnibus Grts St Suprtd Schools
16073Volunteer Services
16074Fire Training School-Hartford
16075Wic Coupon Prg-Fresh Produce
16076Housng Assist & Counselng Prog
16077Aid To The Disabled
16078Spec Train For The Deaf Blind
16079Indpndnt College Student Grant
16080Fire Training School-Middletwn
16081Miscellaneous Grants
16082Payments To Vlntr Fire Cmpnies
16083Thames Riv Vlly Fld Ctrl Comm
16084Eldrly Congregate Rent Subsidy
16085Emergency Med Service Training
16086CT Radio Information Service
16087Community Emergency Services
16088Environmental Review Teams
16089Emergency Med Ser Regional Off
16090Temp Assist To Families TANF
16091Community Residential Services
16092Community Based Prevent Prog
16093Respite Care
16094Adjustment Of Recoveries
16095Community Non-Residential Serv
16096Emergency Assistance
16097Fam Violnce Outreach & Counsel
16098Food Stamp Training Expenses
16099USGS-Water Qlty Stream Monitor
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16101Head Start Services
16102Supportive Housing
16103Rape Crisis
16104Family Reunion Program
16105Healthy Start
16106Head Start Enhancement
16107No Nexus Special Education
16108Employ Opportunties & Day Srvs
16109DMHAS Disproportionate Share
16110Family Resource Centers
16111Family Preservation Services
16112X-Ray Screen & Tubrculss Care
16113Family Placements
16114Connecticut Home Care Program
16115Nutmeg Games
16116Substance Abuse Treatment
16117Emergency Placements
16118Human Resource Dev Hispanic
16119Charter Schools
16120Child Welfare Support Services
16121Genetic Diseases Programs
16122Community Residential Services
16123Protective Services To The Elderly
16124Pilot Prog Coop Placements
16125Hospital Assistance Program
16126Aid For Pub College Students
16127Serv To Supp The Aging Pop
16128Safety Net Services
16129Transport for Employm Independ
16130Nw Englnd Board of Higher Educ
16131Connecticut Futures Fund
16132Board & Care Adoption
16133Loan Repayment Program
16134CT Student Aid Charter Oak
16135Board & Care Foster
16136Immunization Services
16137Transitionary Rental Assist
16138Board & Care For Children Res
16139Refunds Of Collections
16140Individualized Family Supports
16141Community Kidcare
16142Stamford Child Guidance Clinic
16143Energy Assistance
16144Fund Covenant To Care
16145Fund Neighborhood Center
16146Serv For Persons W/ Disabiltes
16147Care4Kids TANF CCDF
16148Nutrition Assistance
16149Housing Homeless Services
16150Employment Opportunities
16151Human Resource Development
16152Child Day Care
16153Independent Living Centers
16154Aids Drug Assistance
16155DSH Medical Emergency Assist
16156DSH Urbn Hosp In Distress Muni
16157State Admin General Assistance
16158Child Care Quality Enhancement
16159CT Childrens Medical Center
16160Community Services
16161Enhanced Funding Griffin Hosp
16162Stamford Hospital
16163Yale New Haven Hospital
16164Legal Immigrants
16165Nursing Home Staffing
16166Epilepsy Project
16167Elderly Health Screening
16168Elderly Express
16169Geriatric Assessment
16170Community Non-Residential Serv
16171Alzheimer Respite Care
16172Family Grants
16173Community Support Services
16174Infrastr Community Action Prgm
16176Infrastructure Community Actio
16177Teen Pregnancy Prevention
16178Family Grants - Human Services
16179Fire Training Schools- Stamfor
16180Historical Resources
16181Regional Planning Agencies
16183Residential Facilities Heating
16184Medicare Part D Spplmntl Needs
16185Lockwood Mathews Mansion
16186Hospital Hardship Fund
16187Old State House
16188National Theatre for the Deaf
16190Micro Loan
16191Development Research Eco Asst
16192SAMA Bus
16193CT Public Television
16194Regional Performance Incentive
16195Higher Ed. State Matching Gran
16196Culture, Tourism and Art Grant
16197CT Trust for Historic Preserva
16198Kirklyn M. Kerr Grant Program
16199Washington Center
16200Early Childhood Education - Co
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16201Youth Service Bureau Enhanceme
16202Head Start - Early Childhood L
16203After School Enhancements
16204Operation Fuel 200%FPL PA08-1
16205Operation Fuel Median PA08-1
16206Heating Assist. Age 65 PA08-1
16207Operation Fuel Admin. PA08-1
16208Heating Non-profits PA08-1
16209CT Science Center
16210Institutional Student Aid
16211Child Nutrition State Match
16212Health Foods Initiative
16213Operation Fuel
16214Supplemental Payments
16215Ct Pharmaceutical Assistance
16216Child Care Quality Enhancement
16218Bushnell Theater
16219Ct Flagship Producing Theaters
16220Medicaid - Acute Care Services
16221Medicaid-Professional Medical
16222Medicaid-Other Medical Srvcs
16223Medicaid-Home & Comm-Based Srv
16224Medicaid-Nursing Home Facility
16225Medicaid-Other Long Term Care
16226Medicaid-Admin Srvs & Adjustme
16227    Non-Emergency Transportation
16228    Dental
16229    Vision
16230    Lab & X-Ray
16231    Durable Medical Equipment
16232    MI Waiver
16233    Alcohol & Drug Services
16234    Other Practitioner
16235    CT Home Care - Assessments
16236    CT Home Care-Waiver Services
16237    PCA Waiver Services
16238    Acquired Brain Injury Waiver
16239    Money Follow the Person-Year 1
16240    Hospice Services
16241    Waivers - Administration
16242    Behavior Hlth Partnership-ASO
16243    Dental - ASO
16244    Medicare Part D Clawback
16245    Hospital Retro Payments
16246    Hospital Supplemental
16247    Adjustments
16248    Family Planning
16249    Low Income Adults
16250    Nursing Homes-CCH
16251    Nursing Homes - RHNS
16252    ICF/MR
16253Hospice Services
16254Chronic Disease Hospitals
16255Women's Business Center
16256Performing Arts Centers
16257Performing Theaters Grant
16258Arts Commission
16259Fatherhood Initiative
16260Programs for Senior Citizens
16261Roberta B. Willis Scholarship
16262Art Museum Consortium
16263CT Invention Convention
16264Litchfield Jazz Festival
16265Early Head Start - Child Care Pa
16266Connecticut River Museum
16267Arte Inc
16268CT Virtuosi Orchestra
16269Barnum Museum
16270Family Programs - TANF
16271Domestic Violence Shelters
16272Hospital Supplemental Payments
16273FQHC Supplemental Payments
16274Early Care and Education
16275Various Grants
16276Transportation to Work
16277CT Open
16278Elderly Nutrition
16279Smart Start
16280 Juvenile Review Boards
16281 Creative Youth Productions
16282 Music Haven
16283 Youth Transition & Success Prg
16284 MRDA
16285 Workforce Training Authority
16286 Covered Connecticut Program
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