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Petty Cash Accounts


1.0 General Information
  1.1 Statutory Reference
  1.2 Petty Cash Funds Definition
2.0 Petty Cash Account Activities
  2.1 Establishing/Opening Petty Cash Account
  2.2 Increase Petty Cash Authorized Balance
  2.3 Replenishment of Petty Cash Funds
  2.4 Redepositing of Excess Funds or Reducing Petty Cash Funds
  2.5 Transfer of Funds Between Petty Cash Accounts
  2.6 Closing of Petty Cash Account
3.0 Agency Records and Use of Petty Cash
  3.1 Agency Records
  3.2 Acceptable Uses of Petty Cash Funds
  3.3 Unacceptable Uses of Petty Cash Funds
4.0 Petty Cash Loss and Recovery
  4.1 Reporting of Petty Cash Loss
  4.2 Recovery of Petty Cash Loss
5.0 Replenishment
  5.1 Check Cancellation - Expenditure has NOT been submitted to Comptroller for reimbursement
  5.2 Check Cancellations - Expenditure has been submitted to Comptroller for reimbursement and is either in transit or has already been received by the agency
6.0 Internal Controls
7.0 Year End Closing and Annual Reporting
  7.1 Year End Closing
  7.2 Annual Reporting