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Updated to July 1, 2018

 General Fund
11000General Fund
 Special Revenue Funds
12002Municipal Revenue Sharing Fund
12004Insurance Fund
12005Probate Court Administration
12006Consumer Counsel/DPUC Fund
12007Workers Compensation
12008Siting Council
12009Mashantucket Pequot & Mohegan
12010Soldiers Sailors and Marines
12011Public Bus/Rail Operations
12012Muni Empl Retirement - Admin
12013Regional Market Operation
12014Criminal Injuries Compensation
12015Vending Fac Oper Fringe Ben
12016Rec & Natural Heritage Trust
12017UCONN Operating Fund
12018Health Center Operating Fund
12019State Univ Operating Fund
12020Reg Community College Op Fund
12021Grants - Tax Exempt Proceeds
12022UCONN Research Foundation
12023Health Ctr Research Fund
12024State Univ Research Foundation
12025Low-level Rad Waste Management
12028Worker Comp Loss Portfolio Pgm
12029Student Loan Foundation
12030Spec Assess Unemployment Comp
12031Employment Security - Admin
12032Employment Security - Spec Adm
12033Economic Development
12034Economic Assistance Bond Fund
12035Economic Assist Revolving Fund
12036Connecticut Works Fund
12037Tobacco Settlement Fund
12038Ind Dev Account Reserve Fund
12039Housing Loan Fund -Taxable
12040Housing Loan Fund -Tax Exempt
12047Child Care Facilities
12050Local Capital Improvement
12051Capital Equip Purchase Fund
12052STEAP-Grants to Local Govt
12053Ec Development & Other Grants
12055Homelessness Prevention & Resp
12056Budget Reserve
12058Prop Remed & Insurance Fund
12059Hartford Downtown Redevelopmnt
12060Federal & Other Restricted Act
12061Higher Education Endowment
12062Transportatn Gr & Restrct Acct
12063Housing Assit Fund - Parent
12064Housing Assist Fund - Taxable
12065Housing Assist Fd - Tax Exempt
12066Housing Trust Fund
12067Ct Bioscience Collaboration
12068BioScience Innovation
12069Tourism Fund
 Non-Capitol Improvement & Other Projects Funds
13001Rental Housing
13007Elimination of Water Pollution
13009School Construction
13010School Construction - Magnet
13011Specific Highway Purposes
13012Mass Transportation
13014Emergency Mun Public Works Emp
13015Agricultural Land Preservation
13019Community Conservation & Dev
13033Infrastructure Improvement
13042Univ & State Uni Facilities
13044Public Works Service Fund
13045University of Connecticut 2000
13046CT Juvenile Training School
13048CSUS 2020
 Debt Service Funds
14001University Bond Liquidation
14002State University Dormitory
14003Rental Housing
14004Rental Housing Fund B
14005Transport Spec Tax Obligation
14006Refunding Bonds D.S. Fund
 Capitol Improvement & Other Purpose Funds
17001Capital Improvements & Other
17011Capital Improvements & Other
17021Capital Improvements & Other
17041Capital Improvements & Other
17051Capital Improvements & Other
17061Capital Improvements & Other
17071Capital Improvements & Other
17081Capital Improvements & Other
17091Capital Improvements & Other
17101Capital Improvements & Other
17111Capital Improvements & Other
17121Capital Improvements & Other
17131Capital Improvements & Other
17141Capital Improvements & Other
17151Capital Improvements & Other
17161Capital Improvements & Other
17171Capital Improvements & Other
17181Capital Improvements & Other
17191Capital Improvements & Other
17761Capital Improvements & Other
17831Capital Improvements & Other
17851Capital Improvements & Other
17861Capital Improvements & Other
17871Capital Improvements & Other
17891Capital Improvements & Other
17901Capital Improvements & Other
17911Capital Improvements & Other
17921Capital Improvements & Other
17931Capital Improvements & Other
17951Capital Improvements & Other
17961Capital Improvements & Other
17971Capital Improvements & Other
17981Capital Improvements & Other
17991Capital Improvements & Other
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 Enterprise Funds
21001Teacher Incentive Loans
21002John Dempsey Hospital
21003Vocational Education Extension
21004CT Innovations Incorporated
21005Auto Emissions Inspection
21006Academic Scholarship Loans
21007Substance Abuse Revolving Loan
21008Bradley Intnl Parking Oper
21009Bradley Intnl Airport Oper
21010Local Bridge Rev Fund - Bond
21011Local Bridge Rev Fd - Revenue
21012Bradley General Rev Bonds
21013Comm Residential Facility Loan
21014Clean Water Fund - State Acct
21015Clean Water Fund - Fed Acct
21016CWF - Long Island Sound Acct
21017CWF - Drinking Water Acct
21018CWF - Drinking Water Fed Loan
21019Stadium Facility Enterprise Fd
21020Rate Reduction Bond operations
21021GenAviationA/P Enterprise Fund
21022Conn. Airport Authority
21023CT Port Authority
 Internal Service Funds
22001Correction Industries
22002Tech Services Revolving Fund
22003General Services Revolving Fnd
22004Cap Equipment Data Processing
 Pension Funds
31001ST Employees' Retirement Sys
31002State's Attorney's Retirement
31003General Assembly Retirement
31004Judges & Comp Commis Retire
31005Public Defenders' Retirement
31006Teachers' Retirement System
31007Muni Employees Retirement Fd A
31008Muni Employees Retirement Fd B
31009Police & Fire Survivors' Fund
31010Probate Judges & Employees Ret
31011State Employee OPEB Fund
31012OPEB Teachers' Fund
 Agency Funds
34001Fines Awaiting Distribution
34002Social Services Support Fund
34003Funds Awaiting Distribution
34004Betting Taxes
34005Fringe Benefit Recovery
34006Superior Court Condemnation Aw
34007Comptroller's Air Travel
34008Alternate Retirement
34009Anthem Demutualization Fund
34010Agency Trustee Accounts
 Other Trust Funds
35001CT Health Club Guaranty Fund
35002Real Estate Guaranty
35003Home Improvement Guaranty Fund
35004Brokered Transaction Guaranty
35005Itinerant Vendor Guaranty Fund
35006New Home Constructn Guaranty
35007Tobacco Health Trust Fund
35008Biomedical Research Trust Fund
35009Endowed Chair Investment Fund
35010CT Arts Endowment Fund
35011Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines
35012Various Treasurer Trust Funds
35013Industrial Bldng Mortgage Ins
35014Unemployment Compensation Fund
35015Malpractice Trust Fund
 Private Purpose Trust Funds
91503Other Treasurer's Trust Funds
92102CT Lottery Corporation
921042nd Injury & Comp Assurance
92301CT Development Authority
92302CT Housing Finance Authority
92303Materials, Inn, Recycling Auth
92304CT Higher Ed Sup Loan Auth
92305CT Health Ed Facilities Auth
92307Capital Region Development Aut
92308UCONN Foundation
92309Connecticut Green Bank
92310CT Student Loan Foundation
93101Retired Teach Health Ben Plan
93201Investment Trust Fund
93403Ins Companies' Securities
93405Other Treasurer's Trust Funds
P1000Political Sub-Divisions Fund
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