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We all pay taxes - but do you follow where tax dollars come from and where they go?

Open Connecticut centralizes state financial information to make it easier to follow state dollars. Find out where deficits or surpluses come from. Find out how much was paid for a particular vendor or program. Find out what to expect in future years.

It's your money. You have a right to know.


Sean Scanlon
State Comptroller


Explore the state budget through interactive tools that let you compare actual spending vs. what was budgeted.


Monitor every payment made by the state, down to the invoice. It’s your money, you have a right to know.

State Payroll

View state employee compensation on OpenPayroll.

State Pensions

View state retiree pensions on OpenPension.

Tax Credits

The state’s open data portal gives you an inside look at the tax credits given out to state businesses.

DIY Revenue Calculator

The DIY Revenue Calculator is an online tool that allows the public to calculate the approximate impact tax changes would have on overall state revenue, and then share visualizations of those possible changes.

DIY Revenue Calculator


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