Connecticut Municipal Employees Retirement System Workshop Introduction
Office of the State Comptroller
Retirement Services Division
CMERS - Retirement Basics


Welcome to the Connecticut Municipal Employees Retirement System (CMERS) Counseling Workshop on the Web. This workshop is not intended to cover every retirement provision or detail but rather to address the most important retirement issues and considerations.

If you fall within our target audience of current CMERS employees transitioning directly from employment into retirement, this workshop will provide you the information you need to make informed retirement decisions.

The primary objective of this workshop is to be informative, and nothing contained in it should be considered a promise or contract. The applicable retirement statutes, regulations and sample cases that construe them are the governing law. The CMERS Unit of the Retirement Services Division (RSD) reserves the right to revise, change or revoke without notice the information, rules and procedure detailed in this workshop.

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