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Comptroller Kevin Lembo on Monday released the complete, unredacted contracts between the Office of the State Comptroller and 10 medical and laboratory vendors that helped dramatically expand testing capacity for COVID-19 in Connecticut.

In May of 2020, the Lamont administration asked the comptroller’s office to engage in contracts for COVID-19 testing to monitor the virus in frontline state workers, ensure laboratories could hire staff and expand capacity, and stand-up emergency clinics in communities to contain localized outbreaks. Under the contracts, which are now completed, over 1.4 million tests were performed, with an average cost of $90.86.

“At the onset of the pandemic, there was virtually no testing capacity in our state,” said Lembo. “I’m grateful for the collaboration between these providers and labs and my office. Under immense pressure, and without precedent, those efforts helped save lives and position Connecticut as a leader in fighting back against the virus.”

As administrator of one of the largest health plans in the state, Lembo was able to leverage the contracting and health care expertise of his office to quickly complete negotiations and set up prompt billing processes for vendor payments. For smaller laboratories, rapid invoicing and payment procedures improved cash flow, allowing for purchasing of equipment and hiring of staff to increase capacity globally.

Contracts were consistently monitored to ensure performance and, in several instances, were amended to expand services and lower prices, generating millions of dollars in savings. Now that the contracts have concluded, ongoing testing of state employees, where necessary, has transitioned to the purview of the Department of Public Health.

“This was a team effort, coordinated across state government, and we were happy to do our part,” said Lembo. “I’m extraordinarily grateful to the staff at the comptroller’s office who rose to the occasion to protect their community while maintaining the ongoing responsibilities of the agency amid a sudden transition to remote work.”

The vendors that contracted with the Office of the State Comptroller for COVID-19 testing include:

  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Sema4 Genomics
  • Griffin Hospital
  • CIC Health
  • Hartford Healthcare Corporation
  • Yale New Haven Hospital
  • PhysicianOne Urgent Care
  • Genesys Diagnostics
  • Minute Clinic (CVS)
  • The Jackson Laboratory

To view and download the complete contracts and amendments, visit

The largest population tested under the contracts were high risk residents and those in underserved communities, followed by frontline state employees including corrections officers, and staff at the state’s social service hospitals and group homes.

The total amount paid under the contracts is currently $130 million, with some final invoices expected to be received in the coming weeks. Lembo’s office has already secured two rounds of reimbursement from FEMA to cover the costs of testing and anticipates several additional grants in the future that will make the state whole.



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