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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 2021


Contact: Chelsea Neelon

Comptroller Kevin Lembo, in partnership with CVS Caremark, announced today a new State of Connecticut Drug Discount Program designed to improve insulin access to anyone living with diabetes in Connecticut – regardless of their insurance status or health care provider.

Through the program, all Connecticut residents will be able to create a personalized discount card online to obtain certain forms of Novo Nordisk insulin at 50 percent less than the retail cost. Those discount cards will be accepted at all participating Connecticut network pharmacies. To receive discounted prices, residents must simply present their card when purchasing medications. Discounted medications available through this program include:

  • Novolin R 10ml vial (Discounted cost: $25)
  • Novolin N 10ml vial ($25)
  • Novolin 70/30 10ml vial ($25)
  • NovoLog® 10ml vial ($120)
  • NovoLog® PenFill Cartridge - 5x3ml ($180)

“Tens of thousands of Connecticut residents depend on insulin to manage their diabetes and improve their health, yet many struggle to afford it today,” said Comptroller Kevin Lembo. “This prescription affordability program will be available statewide to every Connecticut resident – delivering immediate financial relief, particularly to those who remain uninsured or have prohibitively expensive health care coverage.”

“People living with diabetes are responsible for many tasks to maintain their health. Worrying about whether or not they can afford their medications shouldn’t be one of those tasks,” said Alan Lotvin, M.D., President of CVS Caremark. “We applaud Comptroller Lembo’s commitment to lowering out-of-pocket costs, which clinical data prove to keep patients adherent and improve their overall quality of life. This statewide partnership is a meaningful step forward in helping people living with diabetes achieve those results.”

As state comptroller, Lembo administers the state health plan, which serves more than 200,000 state and municipal employees, retirees and their dependents. The state health plan, in partnership with CVS Caremark, has developed nationally recognized programs to reduce out-of-pocket costs to manage and treat diabetes and other chronic conditions. However, Lembo reinforced that this drug discount program is one of several innovations underway to use the existing programs, contracts and private-public partnerships of the state health plan to benefit all Connecticut residents.

“The work of the state health plan can drive innovation, wellness and cost-savings throughout the health care sector,” said Lembo. “I’m grateful for CVS Caremark’s partnership in extending this savings opportunity to everyone in Connecticut and I look forward to exploring new and inventive ways to bring down health care costs for the people of our state.”

To retrieve an ID card, find a participating pharmacy or learn more about the program, visit:


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