News From Kevin Lembo


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 2021


Contact: Chelsea Neelon

State Comptroller Kevin Lembo on Wednesday issued a report on the status of the Connecticut Partnership Plan, providing updates on enrollment, oversight and the plan’s financial stability.

The Partnership Plan allows municipal governments and other non-state public employers to buy in to the state employee health plan. Currently, the plan has nearly 60,000 members spanning over 140 unique groups. The report shows the Partnership Plan has had a positive financial performance in recent years, taking in more in premiums than it’s paid in claims, and projects that to continue into the future.

“The Partnership Plan has proven tremendously successful and an invaluable resource for towns and cities,” said Comptroller Lembo. “This report shows the plan is in a strong financial position and it is my hope that it will help inform the legislature and the public about the plan and its positive impacts on the state.”

The report states that groups choose to join the Partnership Plan to improve coverage, gain financial stability, lower costs or a combination of each. No group has opted to exit the plan and enrollment could expand further as communities continue to show interest.

“Teachers, first responders and other frontline municipal workers depend on this plan,” said Lembo. “By relying on the state’s market power and cost-savings programs, towns and cities have been able to save money for property taxpayers while providing excellent coverage for employees. It is critical that our political discourse and policymaking rely on facts and data and not jeopardize the health and wellbeing of municipal workers. This report will aid in that effort.”

The report will be updated on an annual basis.


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