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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Comptroller Kevin Lembo today announced the launch of "OpenPension" - the latest expansion to the OpenConnecticut online portal that provides the public with real-time access to state financial information.

OpenPension will provide up-to-date compensation data for state retirees, including readily organized data about average pensions and how many retirees live in each state. Until now, online state pension data in Connecticut was updated only once annually. OpenPension will be updated each pay cycle and provide the most current data available. It will also allow more comprehensive search options to dig deeper into the data, as well as the ability to export all of the raw data to aid in external analysis.

Lembo launched the "OpenConnecticut" website several years ago to simplify and centralize access to important information about state finances. The site has been expanded and improved several times over the years to deliver state spending and revenue data, checkbook-level state payment information, spending data on quasi-public agencies, state payroll data and now pension information.

"OpenPension is an important addition to the OpenConnecticut portal that builds on my commitment to make Connecticut’s government the most open and transparent in the nation," Lembo said. "As Connecticut faces persistent immediate and long-term financial challenges, OpenConnecticut will continue to expand and serve as a source for policy makers and the public so that we can have informed debates in finding solutions."

The latest pension feature can be accessed directly at A link to the main OpenConnecticut page can also be accessed there, as well as through the Office of the State Comptroller’s main page at

"OpenConnecticut will never be complete - it will always remain a work in progress as we continue to find new ways to expand access to government data,” Lembo said. “I look forward to continue growing this site and other initiatives that bring Connecticut residents closer to government."