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Natalie Braswell
Natalie Braswell
CT State Comptroller
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Comptroller Natalie Braswell Statement on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 17, 2022

Comptroller Natalie Braswell on Monday issued the following statement:

"Today is an opportunity to reflect on our progress towards Dr. King’s dream of a fair and equitable nation and rechart our path on how to get there. He knew that working people of all races want the same things — security, affordable health care, a living wage, affordable high-quality childcare, dignity at work, a better future for our children — and Dr. King knew that by bringing people together to fight for those shared goals, we were more likely to achieve them. Across our state, in education, health care, housing, environmental justice and economic opportunity, we are falling short of those goals. That is not a reason for despair, but an acknowledgment that this work is never over. The arch of the moral universe doesn’t bend towards justice on its own, we must collectively pull it there. Today, let’s honor Dr. King’s legacy by committing, as a state, to embrace community, service to each other and the relentless pursuit of the common good."

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