State of Connecticut Property Control Manual Revised March 2016 Table of Contents

state of connecticut

Property Control Manual

Seal of the Office of the State Comptroller

Kevin Lembo
State Comptroller

Revised March 2016


CHAPTER 1 - Overview

CHAPTER 2 - Property Control Systems

CHAPTER 3 - Policies

CHAPTER 4 - Acquisitions of Property

CHAPTER 5 - Accounting for State Property and Maintaining the Property Control System

CHAPTER 6 - Materials And Goods in Process And Stores And Supplies Inventory

CHAPTER 7 - Software Inventory Policy and Procedures

CHAPTER 8 - Adjustments and Insurance Recoveries to Real and Personal Property

CHAPTER 9 - Disposition of Surplus Property

CHAPTER 10 - Asset Management/Inventory Reporting

APPENDIX A - Glossary of Terms

APPENDIX B - Forms and Completion Instructions

APPENDIX C - Internal Control Checklist Property

APPENDIX D - Software Copyright Contract Provisions

APPENDIX E - Statutory References and US Code

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