Connecticut State Employees Retirement System Tier I SERS BENEFIT ESTIMATE DISCLAIMER
Office of the State Comptroller
Retirement Services Division


This is a benefit estimator only. It will estimate your pension based strictly on the information you provide.

The estimator is not connected to your earnings record, payroll, CORE or your agency's information file. The accuracy of your estimate will depend on how closely the information you provide matches the information used to calculate your benefit at the time you retire. Factors that may affect the accuracy of the estimate include changes to contributions, earnings, retirement credit, final average salary, calculation factors, legislative changes or any other relevant information. The estimator will not calculate:

The information you provide and the estimates that are created are not reviewed, audited or verified by the State of CT Retirement Services Division (RSD). As a result, the benefit estimate produced by this estimator is not binding on the State of CT or RSD. This estimate does not entitle you to any benefits. The actual benefit you may be entitled to receive can only be known and officially calculated when you retire.


In these situations call Retirement Counseling at 860-702-3490 for assistance.

Internal Revenue Code, Section 415(b) imposes limits on the amount of retirement benefit that an individual can receive. The allowable monthly benefit is based on retirement age and is significantly lower at younger ages. Current maximum allowable benefits at sample retirement ages are:

Age at    Monthly    Age at    Monthly    Age at    Monthly
Retirement    Benefit    Retirement    Benefit    Retirement    Benefit
55    $11,760    60    $16,340    62 & above    $18,750

This estimator provides a warning when the IRC Sec 415 benefit limits are reached.
If you encounter this warning, please call the Retirement Counseling Unit for assistance.

You should not rely on this benefit estimate in making any retirement based decisions or taking any action with respect to your SERS benefits. SERS strongly urges you to consult with a qualified tax advisor who is familiar with your particular financial facts and circumstances, including any plans other than SERS in which you may have participated.

I understand the above statements and am ready to do a benefit estimate.

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