The CT Partnership Plan 2.0
the new connecticut partnership plan

Saving your city or town money by joining with the state to purchase health benefits

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Why Join CT Partnership 2.0

Rate Stability: Claims from Partnership 2.0 are being pooled with all the state claims and will be factored into the yearly renewal rating thus reducing exposure to volatile claims.

Rich Plan Design: Same point-of-service (POS) plan design offered to state employees providing: in- and out-of-network coverage, 100% coverage for preventive care, an extensive local and national network through Anthem, and low co-pays for maintenance drugs available at local pharmacies.

Health Enhancement Program (HEP): The Health Enhancement Program (HEP) is also included in the Partnership Plan 2.0. It is a program designed to promote preventive screenings, wellness visits and chronic disease education and counseling for employees and, as a result, saves money on health care in the long term by focusing health care dollars on prevention.

Dedicated Service Team: The Partnership Plan 2.0 has a dedicated team of individuals who are your point of contact throughout the process. You will not be lost in the shuffle with questions or concerns about enrollment, billing, or claims.

Ease of Applying: Simply fill out an application on the partnership website to start the process. Fixed (quarterly) rates are posted on the website so you know exactly what you are paying and can budget appropriately.



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