Retirement Division December 1, 2008 Special Meeting Agenda State Employees Retirement Commission


TO: State Employees Retirement Commission
FROM: Diane Ruggia, Executive Assistant, Retirement & Benefits Services Division
DATE: November 28, 2008
SUBJECT: December 1, 2008 SPECIAL Meeting of the Retirement Commission

This is to notify you that a meeting of the State Employees Retirement Commission has been scheduled as follows:

DATE: December 1, 2008
TIME: 1:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Office of the State Comptroller
55 Elm Street
2nd Floor Training Room
Hartford, CT

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss usage of plan actuaries and accommodation of Division's need for access to actuaries for routine inquiries and information, as well as discuss issuance of RFP to hire consultants to assist Retirement Services Division with completion of outstanding audits.

Please contact me at 702-3483 if you have any questions regarding this meeting.

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