Retirement Services Division March 28, 2012 Minutes of Meeting Subcommittee on Purchase of Service and Related Matters




Charles Casella, Robert Coffey, Ron McLellan, Linda Yelmini


Brenda Halpin, Director, Retirement Services Division

Colin Newman, Assistant Director, Retirement Services Division

Marilyn Rodriguez, Secretary II

The meeting began at 2:00 p.m.

The Subcommittee discussed the following claims that had been administratively denied by the Retirement Services Division. All of the recommendations were unanimous.

Denver Dixon #468059 - Request to obtain retirement credit for the period that he was laid off from state service from May 30, 1991 through December 26, 1991.

Action: Mr. Casella moved; Ms. Yelmini seconded to recommend denial of Mr. Dixon's request to receive retirement credit for his period of layoff as the layoff was for agency budget purposes and was prior to the designated layoff period as determined within SEBAC II.

Scott Fieldhouse #528734 - Request received from Mr. Fieldhouse's widow that she be allowed to receive pre-retirement benefits from the State Employees Retirement System (SERS).

Action: Mr. Casella moved; Ms. Yelmini seconded to recommend that this matter is tabled for additional information.

Tere Foley #563963 - Request to obtain additional retirement credit for her prior contractual service from August 31, 1992 to August 30, 1994.

Action: Mr. Casella moved; seconded by Mr. McLellan to recommend approval of Ms. Foley's request to receive retirement credit for her prior period of contractual service. Although it did not provide the extension contract from February 1, 1994 to August 30, 1994 the employing agency confirmed in a statement that Ms. Foley was working under contract during that same period.

Darek Massalski # 441162- Request to have his disability retirement benefit recalculated as Mr. Massalski disagrees with the methodology by which the Retirement Services Division calculates the benefit payable under Issue #25 of the 1988-1994 Pension Arbitration Award.

Action: Mr. Massalski appeared before the Trustees. Following discussion Ms. Yelmini moved; seconded by Mr. Casella to recommend denial of Mr. Massalski's request to have his disability retirement benefit recalculated as his request did not conform to the determination made by the Connecticut Supreme Court in Longley vs. State Employees Retirement Commission that vacation lump sum payouts are not to be added to a retiree's salary for pension calculation purposes.

Patricia Neafsey # 351747- Request received from Ms. Neafsey that she be allowed to return to the SERS Tier I retirement plan and given appropriate purchasing rights of her prior service citing agency error in not offering her Tier I membership upon her return to state service in 1989 resulting in her election of the Alternate Retirement Plan as the retirement plan of choice.

Action: Mr. Casella moved, seconded by Mr. Coffey to recommend denial of Ms. Neafsey's request as the Trustees determined that upon her return to state service in 1989 she had not met the "5 year bridge rule" and therefore was ineligible for membership in Tier I.

Following the review of the aforementioned claims, there was discussion regarding the Retirement Services Division's administration of retirement credit for 10 month employees particularly from the Department of Education. The Trustees directed the Division to research further its treatment of all employees for retirement credit purposes and to report its findings back to the Subcommittee.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:45 p.m.

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