Retirement Services Division September 12, 2018 Meeting of the Retirement Commission Legal & Personnel Subcommittee
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DATE: September 12, 2018

TIME: 8:30 AM

LOCATION:   Office of the State Comptroller
   55 Elm Street
   3rd Floor, Conference Room E
   Hartford, CT 06106

I. Call to Order
II. Approval of Agenda
III. New Business

Public Session

  1. Statute of Limitations with respect to waiver of overpayments.

Executive Session - discussion and possible recommendation

  1. Robert Ziegler /service credit issue - written legal opinion.
  2. Catherine Crandle declaratory ruling - written legal opinion/pending claim.
  3. Jeremy Wiganowske - pending litigation.
  4. David Carter - pending litigation.
  5. Richard Kay - pending litigation.
  6. Thompson - pending litigation.
  7. Hartford Housing Authority inquiry - written legal opinion.
  8. Carol Walenski - pending litigation.
  9. Ronald Johnson - pending litigation.
  10. Gary Soracchi - pending litigation.
  11. James Rizzio - pending litigation.
  12. C.G.S. 5-192b interpretation - written legal opinion.
  13. Tabled MEB determinations (Stewart Hillman, Paul Cicarella, Erskine Edwards, and Karen Zelvin) - written legal opinion.
  14. John Mattera request for hazardous duty credit - written legal opinion.
  15. Prior military service credit review - written legal opinion.
  16. Determination letter status - written legal opinion.
  17. VCP filing status - written legal opinion.
  18. Investment in the contract issues - written legal opinion.
  19. SERC authority to hire vendor to administer provision of SEBAC 2017 - written legal opinion.
  20. SERC role in finalizing contracts, e.g. Actuarial, Legal, Accounting, etc. - written legal opinion

IV. Old Business
V. Adjournment

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