Retirement Services Division May 18, 2018 MEETING OF THE MEDICAL EXAMINING BOARD

May 18, 2018

6/1/2017  D-12421 Non-Service Connected Andrew Bate  875762
5/1/2017  D-12414 Service-Connected Heidi Bishop  126730
7/1/2017  D-12449 Service-Connected Karen Borg  038565
4/1/2017  D-12396 Change to Non-S/C Nina Brown  650942
8/1/2016  D-12224 Service-Connected Darlene Cofield  491955
2/1/2017  D-12356 Service-Connected Barbara Flanagan  480401
9/1/2017  D-12428 Service-Connected Stephanie Gibson  436621
6/1/2017  D-12428 Service-Connected Pamela Hickey  021341
4/1/2016  D-12103 Non-Service Conn.(Cont'd) John Kelly  532705
7/1/2017  D-12443 Non-Service Connected Sylvia Lawson  495447
7/1/2017  D-12456 Service-Connected Valerie Lund  528287
4/1/2017  D-12553 Non-Service Connected Douglas Lundberg  551178
5/1/2017  D-12411 Service-Connected Cinthia Nowakowski  026216
7/1/2013  MD-1461 Non-Service Connected Jose Olivero, Jr.  207514
3/1/2016  D-12079 Service-Connected(Cont'd) Diane Pierce  490608
2/1/2018  D-12570 Non-Service Conn.(Cont'd) Ulestine Price  006628
2/1/2017  D-12349 Non-Service Connected Sherry Roberts  403737
10/1/2017  D-12519 Non-Service Connected Jessica Rodriguez  604326
9/1/2016  D-12238 Service-Connected Luis Rodriguez  870954
12/8/2015  MD-1500 Service-Connected(RECON) Kaim Rosado  214858
8/1/2016  D-12254 Non-Service Connected Paul Szemanczky  008479
5/1/2018  D-12616 Non-Service Conn.(Posth) Carol VanDerlip  626510
6/1/2015  D-11924 Service-Connected Wendy Villalobos  063290
7/1/2017  D-12457 Service-Connected Brian Walters  432025
10/1/2016  D-12272 Service-Connected Quanica Willis  001037

Please take notice that the portion(s) of the meeting before the Medical Examining Board during which the medical condition, health and/or employment of each applicant is discussed will be held in executive session, unless the applicant requires that the discussion be held at a meeting open to the public. During the executive session portion(s) of the meeting, the Board may invite persons to provide statements in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for those statements. If an applicant elects to have his/her matter heard at a meeting open to the public, the Medical Examining Board requests that notice of such election be given prior to the commencement of the meeting.

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