Retirement Services Division February 8, 2019 MEETING OF THE MEDICAL EXAMINING BOARD

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February 8, 2019

3/1/2018 D-12589 Service-Connected Josefina Aponte 035851
3/1/2018 D-12591 Service-Connected Jacqueline Beckford 478429
9/1/2017 D-12491 Service-Connected Sandra  Boyle 434116  
4/1/2018 D-12601 Service-Connected Felicia  Brown 864534
5/1/2018 D-12619  Non-Service Connected Carl  Carpenter  866708
12/19/2017MD-1550  Non-Service Connected  Eduardo  Cosme 651139
9/1/2017  D-12506 Non-Service Connected  Elaine  DeSalvo  552272
5/1/2018  D-12620 Service-Connected Thomas  Devers  161241
3/1/2017  D-12362 Non-Service Connected  Joseph  Gallo 644101
8/1/2017  D-12473 Service-Connected Cora  Hayes  869855
11/1/2017 D-12539 Service-Connected Stanley  Holmes  495499
3/1/2017 D-12368 Service-Connected Scott Keeler 404709
12/1/2017  D-12548 Non-Service Connected Randal  Martucci; 534831
10/3/2016  MD-1523 Change to Non-S/C  John  Mastri  224818
2/1/2017 D-12569 Service-Connected Millicent McRae 462757
1/1/2018 D-12567 Non-Service Connected Eric  Novick  561472
4/1/2018 D-12602 Service-Connected Babarellen Olson 222710
4/1/2018 D-12598 Non-Service Connected Cynthia Palermo 622506
11/1/2016 D-12291 Service-Connected(RECON) Colleen Pollard 801425
12/1/2018 D-12752 Non-Service Connected Lynne Robinson 507225
11/1/2017  D-12542 Service-Connected Jessica  Rodriguez 026671
7/1/2017  D-12465 Non-Service Conn.(Cont'd) Stephanie  Sklarsky 502500
3/1/2018  D-12592 Non-Service Connected Richard  Ulrych  970933
11/1/2018  D-12741 Non-Service Connected  Marilyn  Williams 462290
5/1/2018  D-12631 Service-Connected Karen Workman  593479

Please take notice that the portion(s) of the meeting before the Medical Examining Board during which the medical condition, health and/or employment of each applicant is discussed will be held in executive session, unless the applicant requires that the discussion be held at a meeting open to the public. During the executive session portion(s) of the meeting, the Board may invite persons to provide statements in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for those statements. If an applicant elects to have his/her matter heard at a meeting open to the public, the Medical Examining Board requests that notice of such election be given prior to the commencement of the meeting.

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