Retirement Services Division August 24, 2018 MEETING OF THE MEDICAL EXAMINING BOARD

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August 24, 2018

12/1/2017   D-12546   Service-Connected   Gerard  Bernier   965285
10/1/2017   D-12531   Non-Service Connected   Donna  Cahill   387320
8/1/2016   D-12224   Change to Non-S/C   Darlene  Cofield   491955
4/1/2016   D-12109   Service-Connected   Kathleen  Dempsey   527534
3/1/2017   D-12374   Service-Connected   Krista  Desjardins   503143
1/1/2018   MD-1552   Non-Service Connected    Denise  Earle   247157
11/1/2017   D-12537   Service-Connected   Meagan  Gavey   062716
7/1/2015   D-11954   Service-Connected(RECON)      Priscilla  Giles 802966
8/1/2016   D-12209   Non-Service Connected   Francine  Grenier   972696
10/1/2017   D-12524   Non-Service Connected   Ramon  Laboy-Alvarez   024369
8/1/2017   D-12470   Service-Connected   Oscar  Lapsey   477864
7/1/2005   D-9109   Service-Connected(RECON) Luz  Machabelo   405593
6/1/2016   D-12164   Service-Connected   Susan  Martin   120892
10/1/2016   D-12258   Service-Connected(RECON)   Gussie Milledge   564144
3/1/2017   D-12372   Service-Connected   Felder Ovide, Jr.   561827
8/1/2017   D-12469   Service-Connected   Charles  Oxley   613277
5/1/2017   D-12404   Service-Connected   Laurie  Paivo   405446
7/1/2009   D-10454   Service-Connected(RECON)   Erma  Robinson   450583
12/1/2017   D-12545   Service-Connected   Lizette  Sanabria   433667
8/1/2017   D-12476   Service-Connected   Stacey  Szymczak   020628
9/1/2017   D-12482   Service-Connected   Phillistine  Walker   510802
6/1/2016   D-12170   Service-Connected(RECON)   Charles  White   532375
3/1/2017   D-12376   Service-Connected   Derek  Williams   502643
5/1/2018   D-12622   Non-Service Connected   Tracey  Wright   062017

Please take notice that the portion(s) of the meeting before the Medical Examining Board during which the medical condition, health and/or employment of each applicant is discussed will be held in executive session, unless the applicant requires that the discussion be held at a meeting open to the public. During the executive session portion(s) of the meeting, the Board may invite persons to provide statements in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for those statements. If an applicant elects to have his/her matter heard at a meeting open to the public, the Medical Examining Board requests that notice of such election be given prior to the commencement of the meeting.

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