Retirement Services Division April 12, 2019 MEETING OF THE MEDICAL EXAMINING BOARD

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April 12, 2019

11/1/2016 D-12276 Non-Service Connected Brian Beaulieu 360695
8/25/2016 MD-1527 Service-Connected Sonya Betsey 211667
10/1/2016 D-12273 Non-Service Connected Patrick Brick 495657
4/1/2018 D-12601 Service-Connected Felicia Brown 864534
8/1/2016 D-12221 Service-Connected Giovanni Cardona 038605
9/1/2016 D-12245 Change to Non-S/C Constance Chaffee 534025
10/1/2016 D-12268 Non-Service Connected Cruz Cruz-Heremuru 020462
12/1/2016 D-12310 Service-Connected Marcia Doolan 433861
10/1/2017 D-12520 Service-Connected Enatul Edouard 924606
4/1/2018 D-12607 Service-Connected Anthony Fama 866720
8/1/2018 D-12673 Non-Service Connected Antonio Gil 507557
1/1/2018 D-12565 Non-Service Connected Lori Hawksley 449260
6/1/2017 D-12428 Change to Non-S/C Pamela Hickey 021341
6/13/2015 MD-1554 Non-Service Connected Essie Jones 216318
1/1/2017 D-12323 Service-Connected Harvey Knowles 501123
5/1/2017 D-12417 Non-Service Connected Michael Lewin 029818
5/1/2018 D-12617 Non-Service Connected John Masciotra 426837
7/1/2014 D-11751 Non-Service Connected Shirley Matwyko 602760
9/1/2016 MD-1519 Non-Service Connected Sixto Nieves 207605
10/1/2018 D-12711 Non-Service Conn.(Posth) Peter Palmer 522773
7/2/2015 MD-1521 Service-Connected Angelo Pierce 212780
5/1/2018 D-12628 Non-Service Connected Dawn Szast 527246
12/1/2016 D-12299 Non-Service Connected Margaret Teubner 626202
1/1/2019 D-12765 Non-Service Connected Liset Warrick 038223
2/1/2018 D-12574 Change to Non-S/C Debra Wilson 433688
6/1/2018 D-12639 Non-Service Connected John Zacchio 598543
9/1/2009 D-10490 Non-Service Conn.(RECON) Jodie Zaino 503039

Please take notice that the portion(s) of the meeting before the Medical Examining Board during which the medical condition, health and/or employment of each applicant is discussed will be held in executive session, unless the applicant requires that the discussion be held at a meeting open to the public. During the executive session portion(s) of the meeting, the Board may invite persons to provide statements in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for those statements. If an applicant elects to have his/her matter heard at a meeting open to the public, the Medical Examining Board requests that notice of such election be given prior to the commencement of the meeting.

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