Retirement Services Division April 6, 2018 MEETING OF THE MEDICAL EXAMINING BOARD

April 6, 2018

10/1/2016 D-12259 Change to Non-S/C Helen Beaudry 402008
3/1/2017 D-12365 Service-Connected Janice Blue 449388
1/31/2017 MD-1539 Service-Connected Michael Buechele
2/1/2017 D-12346 Non-Service Connected Lisa Catania 048355
12/1/2016 D-12298 Change to Non-S/C Teresa Coope 613320
4/1/2017 D-12392 Non-Service Connected Dawn Curtis 000128
2/1/2018 D-12575 Non-Service Connected Hattie Dickens 430397
12/1/2016 D-12295 Non-Service Connected Deborah Ellingsworth 563937
6/1/2017 D-12437 Non-Service Connected Judith Finch 416160
9/1/2016 D-12239 Non-Service Connected Richard Fox 598539
9/1/2017 D-12481 Non-Service Connected Margaret Gallagher 442337
4/1/2017 D-12395 Non-Service Connected Dana Goldberg 564493
7/1/2017 D-12458 Service-Connected Darleene Graf 124251
4/1/2017 D-12399 Service-Connected Cathie Keeler 624810
6/1/2017 D-12420 Service-Connected Michael Klimentos 064318
5/1/2016 D-12124 Service-Connected(RECON) Leah Margentino 080844
4/1/2017 D-12387 Service-Connected Kenneth Matthews 398851
10/1/2016 D-12261 Non-Service Connected Denise Olson 965437
9/1/2017 D-12498 Non-Service Connected Clare Rheiner 644270
6/1/2017 D-12434 Service-Connected Aida Rodriguez 491024
3/1/2017 D-12369 Service-Connected Amy Royer 047473

Please take notice that the portion(s) of the meeting before the Medical Examining Board during which the medical condition, health and/or employment of each applicant is discussed will be held in executive session, unless the applicant requires that the discussion be held at a meeting open to the public. During the executive session portion(s) of the meeting, the Board may invite persons to provide statements in the executive session, but their attendance is limited to only the time necessary for those statements. If an applicant elects to have his/her matter heard at a meeting open to the public, the Medical Examining Board requests that notice of such election be given prior to the commencement of the meeting.

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