Retirement Services Division September 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes of the State Employees Retirement Commission Investment Subcommittee


Date: September 18, 2013 Time: 2:00 p.m.
X Regularly Scheduled __ Special
Attendees: Was a quorum present? Yes
Commission: Other Attendees
Charlie Casella Kay Carey-Reid, ING
Steven Greatorex Jeff LaFave, ING
Robert Baus Lisa Gillarde, ING
James Dzurenda Bill Cottle, Milliman (by phone)
Sal Luciano
Comptroller's Office
Thomas Woodruff, Director, HPBSD
Margaret Haering, Assistant Director, HPBSD
Brenda Halpin, Director, RSD

Matters Discussed: Bill Cottle reviewed the plan'S investment line-up and recommended that several funds, the Hartford Capital Appreciation, Fidelity VIP Mid-Cap and Fidelity VIP Contrafund, should be reviewed more closely. Bill also suggested that the committee might want to consider adding an opportunistic fund to the fixed income line-up. Lisa Gillarde reviewed the ING fund report card for the funds in our investment line-up.

Lisa concurred with Bill Cottle'S analysis on the funds to be watched. We also discussed the Morningstar Portfolios and plans to encourage more employees to take a look at them to increase diversification.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 20, 2013. It will be held at ING'S headquarters in Windsor.

Materials Reviewed: ING Investment Information Review; Milliman Report, ING 3rd quarter newsletter.

Decisions voted upon:

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