Retirement Services Division February 11, 2016 Meeting Minutes of the State Employees Retirement Commission Investment Subcommittee


Date: February 11, 2016  Time: 2:00 p.m.
 x Regularly Scheduled  __ Special
Attendees:  Was a quorum present? Yes
Commission  Other Attendees
Charlie Casella  Robert Luciani, Prudential
Steven Greatorex  Joe Fein, Prudential
Michael Carey  Ray Sweetland, Prudential
Sandra Brown-Brewton  Mary Harlos, Prudential
Comptroller's Office  
Thomas Woodruff, Director, HPBSD  
Margaret Haering, Assistant Director, HPBSD    
Brenda Halpin, Director, RSD  
Bonnie Price, Assistant Director, RSD  

Matters Discussed:
Scheduling of future meetings; Stable Value Fund, structure and performance statistics; Alternate Retirement Program (ARP) plan document revisions, Plan Investment review, Prudential Plan review, GoalMaker portfolio performance, default investment for ARP

Materials Reviewed: Stable Value summary; historical market to book ratio, Prudential Plan Review; Prudential Investment Review, GoalMaker performance for January 2016

Decisions voted upon: None

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