Retirement & Benefit Services Division Agenda Hazardous Duty Service Credit February 19, 2019 Meeting
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TO: State Employees Retirement Commission Subcommittee on Hazardous Duty Service Credit

FROM: Colin Newman, Assistant Division Director, Retirement Services Division

DATE:   February 14, 2019

SUBJECT:  February 19, 2019 Meeting

This is to notify you that a meeting of the State Employees Retirement Commission�s Subcommittee on Hazardous Duty Service Credit has been scheduled as follows:


DATE: February 19, 2019
TIME: 2:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Office of the State Comptroller
55 Elm Street
3rd Floor Conference Room E
Hartford, CT 06106


The purpose of this meeting is to consider the following claim for coverage under the hazardous duty provisions of the State Employees Retirement System (SERS): 

            John Mattera 

The individual claimant, Legal Counsel and individual witnesses may be in attendance. 

Detailed information regarding each claim is attached.  Enclosed for your reference is a copy of an excerpt from the Compendium of Decisions released by general counsel on January 24, 1989 which reflects the Commission�s treatment of nineteen hazardous duty petitions it has considered as well as a list of Commission decisions not included in the excerpt from the Compendium.  For your information, the Hazardous Duty Appendix is available on the internet at the following link: 

Please contact me at 702-3482 if you have any questions concerning this meeting. 

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