Retirement Services Division State Employees Retirement Commission's Actuarial Subcommittee April 19, 2017 Meeting



TO: State Employees Retirement Commission Actuarial Subcommittee
FROM: Brenda K. Halpin, Director, Retirement Services Division
DATE: April 13, 2017
SUBJECT: Meeting Notice and Agenda

This is to notify you that a meeting of the State Employees Retirement Commission's Actuarial Subcommittee has been scheduled as follows:

DATE:   April 19, 2017
TIME:   3:00 p.m.
LOCATION:   Office of the State Comptroller
   55 Elm Street
   3rd Floor, Conference Room E
   Hartford, CT 06106
Actuarial Subcommittee to meet to discuss:
1) Municipal Employee Retirement System (MERS) Draft GASB 68 Report

2) New Accounting Services Contract with PKF O?Connor Davies, LLP - Joseph Centofanti will be in attendance.

3) Probate Judges and Employees Retirement System (PJERS)

a) Authorization to spend $4,000 to roll forward the valuation one year using December 31, 2015 data with the updated assumptions (i.e., Investment Return, wage increase assumption, mortality table, change in funding policy, etc.).

b) Request to consider early adoption of the change in funding policy and make an additional funding contribution during this current fiscal year.

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