State of Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller INTERDEPARTMENTAL MEMORANDUM State Police (NP-1) Agreement July 1, 1999 through June 30, 2004






March 17, 2000

To: The Honorable Dr. Henry Lee, Commissioner
Department of Public Safety
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
Subject: State Police (NP-1) Agreement July 1, 1999 through June 30, 2004


The recently approved Agreement between the State of Connecticut and the NP-1 bargaining unit provides for the following:
A. General Wages (Article 19.1)
General wage increases will continue to be reflected in each salary grade.
Effective Date Increase
January 14, 2000   2% of Base Salary
June 30, 2000   3.5% of Base Salary
June 29, 2001   3% of Base Salary
June 28, 2002   3% of Base Salary
June 27, 2003   3% of Base Salary
B. Annual Increments (Article 19.1f)
Employees will continue to receive annual increments in accordance with pre-existing regulations based on the salary schedules in Appendix I of the contract.
C. Longevity (Article 19.4)
Employees will continue to be eligible for longevity payments for the life of the contract in accordance with existing practice. The longevity schedule remains unchanged. 
D. Meal Allowance (Article 19.2): The meal allowance shall continue to be $14.28 per day until the effective date of increases as follows:
Effective Date Amount
June 29, 2001   $14.65
June 28, 2002   15.00
June 27, 2003   15.45
The above rates also apply to OPA and HCP assignments.
E. Night Shift Differential (Article 19.5)
Remains in effect at $ .65 per hour.
F. Tuition Reimbursement (Article 19.6)

A fund of $40,000 will be established for each year of the contract for tuition reimbursement. Funds not expended in one year will carry over into the next year; however, the fund expires on the expiration date of the contract.

A fund of $20,000 will be established for each year of the contract for a training program. Funds not expended in each contract year will be carried over from one year to another.

G. Stipends
Article 19.9 Hazardous Duty - $100 per month *
Article 19.10 Resident Troopers - $100 per month
Article 19.17(d) Dog Handlers - $100 per month

Article 19.11(c): In addition to the monthly stipend, dog handlers will receive $9.00 per hour for at-home canine care and training based on the number of hours allowed per day by the contract. The rate will increase as follows:

Effective Date Amount
January 14, 2000 $9.18
June 30, 2000 9.51
June 29, 2001 9.80
June 28, 2002 10.10
June 27, 2003 10.41
* Please refer to the contract for eligibility.


For the pay period March 10, 2000 through March 23, 2000 (check date April 7, 2000) agency staff must calculate and process the following payments manually.
Payments will be separately identified and subject to mandatory deductions only; i.e., federal withholding tax and state income tax annualized, social security tax, retirement contributions, and garnishments (if applicable).
A. Retroactive Salary Increases
Salary Increase Period Covered Check Date
2% of Base Salary 1/14/00 - 3/9/00 4/7/00
B. Retroactive Annual Increments
Effective Date Period Covered Check Date
July 1999 06/18/99 - 03/09/00 4/7/00
January 2000 12/31/99 - 03/09/00 4/7/00
C. Retroactive Canine Care and Training Payment
Effective Date Period Covered Check Date
January 14, 2000 1/14/00 - 3/9/00 4/7/00


A. Revised Bi-Weekly Salary Payments
Salary Increases Pay Period Check Date
3.5% of Base Salary 6/30/00 - 7/13/00 7/28/00
3% of Base Salary 6/29/01 - 7/12/01 7/27/01
3% of Base Salary 6/28/02 - 7/11/02 7/26/02
3% of Base Salary  6/27/03 - 7/10/03 7/25/03
B. Annual Increments
Effective Date Period Covered Check Date
July 2000 06/30/00 - 07/13/00 07/28/00
January 2001  12/29/00 - 01/11/01 01/26/01
July 2001 06/29/01 - 07/12/01 07/27/01
January 2002 12/28/01 - 01/10/02 01/25/02
July 2002 06/28/02 - 07/11/02 07/26/02
January 2003  12/27/02 - 01/09/03 01/24/03
July 2003 06/27/03 - 07/10/03 07/25/03
January 2004 12/26/03 - 01/08/04 01/23/04
C. Meal Allowance
The meal allowance will be paid in the proper payroll cycle as it is incurred.
D. Night Shift Differential
The night shift differential will be paid in the proper payroll cycle as it is incurred.
E. Monthly Stipends
The hazardous duty, dog handler and resident trooper stipends will be paid in the proper payroll cycle.


A. Retroactive Salary Payments
Agency payroll staff must manually calculate the retroactive General Wage Increase and Annual Increments owed to each employee. The combined payment is to be coded in one transaction as follows:

R1; Amount; D/OE Code 10

B. Implementation of General Wage Increases and Annual Increments
Agency payroll staff must ensure that the employees masterfile data (pay plan, salary group and step, hourly rate and bi-weekly salary) are correct.
New pay plans will be implemented centrally with the new hourly rate and
bi-weekly salary for the appropriate pay period.
C. Meal Allowance (Taxable Maintenance)
The dollar amount of the Meal Allowance should be entered as follows:

R1; Amount; D/OE Code 07

D. Night Shift Differential
R1; Amount (shift differential rate); Hours; D/OE Code 11; Major-Minor 108.
E. Tuition Reimbursement
Applications for tuition reimbursement should be forwarded to the Comptroller's Business Office. Payments will be made once funding is available.
F. Dog Handler's Off-Duty Hours
The agency must identify the eligible employee and calculate the hours owed.

R1; Amount; D/OE Code 2x; Major-Minor 123.

G. Monthly Stipends
Hazardous Duty: R1; Amount; D/OE Code 19; Major-Minor 107.
Dog Handlers: R1; Amount; D/OE Code 1J; Major-Minor 123.
Resident Troopers (D/OE 1K): Will be increased automatically via the 'Bulkload' Tape at the proper time.


Payroll staff should consult with their Agency Personnel Officer to ascertain other possible wage increases. The Office of Labor Relations will be distributing revised salary schedules.
Please share this information with affected satellite divisions of your Department to ensure that all payments are implemented in a timely manner.
You may direct requests for assistance as follows:
Salary Schedules: Office of Labor Relations, 418-6348.
Payroll Procedures: Office of the State Comptroller
Payroll Services Division, 702-3463.
Tuition Reimbursement: Office of the State Comptroller
Management Services Division, 702-3327.
Memorandum Interpretation: Office of the State Comptroller
Policy Services Division, 702-3440.


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