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To: All Agency Personnel
From: Gary Reardon, Director Payroll Services
Date: September 20, 1999
Subject: Check and Advice Deposits Security

The Office of the State Comptroller is currently working on a project that would secure all checks and advice of deposit forms in a sealed envelope prior to leaving our office.

For payroll purposes this project would be accomplished in two phases. It is anticipated that we will begin with the advice of deposit forms, and that this phase would be accomplished by the end of this calendar year.

Phase two will focus on securing our payroll checks and we expect to complete that process by the end of the first quarter (March 2000).

As we accomplish each phase, you will notice that the advice of deposits and checks will also have a new look. The advice of deposit slips will be printed on plain 8 � x11 paper and will include all the necessary information available on the current form. No part of this document, however, will resemble a check and this will eliminate the possibility that an advice of deposit slip could be cashed in error.

The checks will also take on a new format. They will be printed on 8 � x11 safety paper, with all additional safety precautions deemed necessary by the Comptroller's Office, the Treasury and the bank.

All check stuffers approved for distribution by the Comptroller's Office will be pre-stuffed in the envelopes before you receive them.

We are providing this information to allow agencies an opportunity to plan ahead on ordering envelopes. As soon as the specific cut over dates have been determined we will forward that information on to you.

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