State of Connecticut - Office of the State Comptroller - 1999 Payroll Services Division Memoranda - Entering Time Card ZT earnings transactions

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To: Agency Payroll Staff (On-line Users)
From: Gary Reardon, Director of Payroll Services Division
Date: May 26, 1999
Subject: Year 2000 Contingency Plan

In an effort to prepare for every eventuality while processing checks dated January 14, 2000, it will be necessary for each agency to have one payroll staff member (someone authorized to make payroll decisions on behalf of the agency) complete the following survey:

Agency Name & Level Two(s): ________________________________

Agency Contact & Phone No: _________________________________

1) Does your office already have a contingency plan in place to process payroll in the event there are equipment and/or communication failures at your site that would prevent the receipt or processing of time cards? If so, please provide general details:

2) In the event your agency payroll office cannot data enter transactions due to equipment or communication failures at your site (or ours), does your office have arrangements with an alternative site (ie: to share space and/or equipment with another agency or division within your own agency)? If so, please provide general details:

3) If it became necessary to process regular salary only (possibly duplicating the regular salary (only) transactions that were processed for check date 12/30/99) to ensure that employees received some salary, what negative impact could this have on your office/agency?

4) Do you have any additional comments, questions and/or suggestions you would like us to consider while establishing a statewide contingency plan for payroll? Please list them here, adding additional pages if necessary.

It is imperative that each agency provide us with the above information. Although the statewide payroll system has been upgraded and we are currently processing payroll in a Year 2000 compliant environment, it is necessary to recognize that other problems could have an adverse affect on the accurate processing of the 1/14/2000 check. Please help us ensure that your agency's needs and concerns are recognized so that all state employees can rest assured that their salary payments will be uninterrupted as we head into the new millennium.

Please return completed questionnaires no later than June 25, 1999 either by mail, fax or email to:

Vivian Perez Fax: (860) 702-3477
Office of the State Comptroller
Payroll Services Division e-mail:
55 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106

Thank you for your anticipated cooporation.


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