State of Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller MEMORANDUM NO. 99-29

The Seal of the Office of the State Comptroller


July 1, 1999


Attention: Fiscal and Administrative Officers, Business Managers,Payroll and Personnel Officers
Subject: 1999-2000 Fringe Benefit Cost Recovery Rate

Effective July 1, 1999 the fringe benefit cost recovery rates are as follows:


Description Fringe Benefit
01-010 Full Time 41.28%
and all other codes
not listed below
01-020 Temporary 30.00%
01-030 Contractual 7.47%
01-040 Student Labor 0.00%
01-050 Fees 0.00%
01-090 Accumulated Sick Leave at Normal 7.47%
01-130 Patient or Inmate Workers 0.00%
01-150 Graduate Assistants - UCONN 11.13%
01-170 Hazardous Duty Pay Differential 39.81%
01-180 Overtime - Temporary Employee 30.00%
01-220 Accumulated Sick Leave at Death 0.00%
or Disability
01-240 Allowances/Reportable Payments 19.95%
Alternate Retirement Plan
Without Social Security
01-250 Allowances/Reportable Payments 27.42%
Alternate Retirement Plan
With Social Security
01-260 Allowances/Reportable Payments 27.34%
Teachers Retirement Without
Social Security
01-270 Allowances/Reportable Payments 28.79%
Teachers Retirement With
Medicare Social Security
01-310 thru 01-380 Teachers Retirement System 27.34%
Without Medicare Social Security
01-390 Teachers Retirement Plan - 0.00%
Accumulated Sick Leave at Retirement
01-410 thru 01-480 Teachers Retirement Plan With - 28.79%
Medicare Social Security
01-490 Teachers Retirement Plan - 0.00%
Accumulated Sick Leave at Retirement
01-510 thru 01-580 Alternate Retirement Plan Without  19.95%
Social Security
01-590 Alternate Retirement Plan - 0.00%
Accumulated Sick Leave at Retirement
01-610 thru 01-680 Alternate Retirement Plan 27.42%
Social Security
01-690 Alternate Retirement Plan - 7.47%
Accumulated Sick Leave at Retirement
01-710 thru 01-780 Alternate Retirement Plan With - 21.40%
Medicare Social Security
01-790 Alternate Retirement Plan - 0.00%
Accumulated Sick Leave at Retirement
01-800 thru 01-850 Lecturers (CSU) 7.47%
01-860 Federal College Work-Study (CSU) 0.00%
01-870 Federal College Work-Study Match (CSU) 0.00%
01-880 Summer Workers (CSU) 7.47%
01-890 Co-operative Ed Students (CSU) 7.47%
01-900 Student/Graduate Interns (CSU) 0.00%
01-920 Interest Penalty - Payroll Awards 0.00%
01-930 Durational Employees-No Benefits-UCONN 30.00%
01-950 Buy Back Option 0.00%
01-960 Foreign Nationals with F-1 11.13%
J-1 Visa
01-970 Graduate Assistants (CSU) 0.00%
Hazardous Duty With 39.81%
Social Security
Hazardous Duty Without 32.34%
Social Security
Judges & Compensation Commissioners 62.81%

The above rates are effective July 1, 1999 and should be used for any fringe benefit cost recovery taking place on or after July 1, 1999.

All personal service expenditures from Federal and Private Grants accounted for in the General Fund and any funds other than the General Fund are subject to fringe benefit cost recovery.

In a change from prior years the FICA component has been split into two parts, FICA-Social Security and FICA-Medicare. Where appropriate, rates have been established for those classes of employees that contribute to only the FICA-Medicare portion.

Rates have been established for employees covered by the Hazardous Duty Retirement Plan and the Judges/Compensation Commissioners Retirement Plan . Continue to use existing expenditure object coding for payroll purposes.

A variance is now required when paying employees covered by the Hazardous Duty Retirement Plan, the Judges/Compensation Commissioners Retirement Plan or with Federal or any fund other than the General Fund.

For information purposes the rate by component is provided below.

SERS Regular Employees 22.53%
Alternate Retirement Plan 8.67%
Teachers Retirement Plan 16.06%
SERS Hazardous Duty 21.06%
Judges/Compensation Commissioners 44.06%
Unemployment Compensation 0.00%
Group Life Insurance 0.15%
FICA-Social Security 6.02%
FICA-Medicare 1.45%
Medical Insurance 11.13%

All variances approved in 1998-99 or earlier will be deleted for check date August 27, 1999. Variances for 1999-2000 will require a new request.

If there are any questions, please call our Budget and Financial Analysis Division at 702-3364.



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