State of Connecticut - Office of the State Comptroller - 1998 Payroll Services Division Memoranda - Entering Time Card ZT earnings transactions

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To:All Agency Personnel
From: Gary Reardon, Director Payroll Services
Date: March 23, 1998
Subject: Entering Time Card ZT earnings transactions

As part of our payroll conversion to an IBM mainframe, it will now become necessary for agencies to utilize screens available in the DBS (formerly MSA) payroll system. The OTC (Time Entry Sub System or TESS) environment exists on the UNISYS mainframe. It is necessary to eliminate this environment in order to process system upgrades in preparation for making the payroll system year 2000 compliant.

The following screens are available in the DBS payroll system for the data entry of ZT's (other earnings or time card exceptions):

47 Multiple Employee Entry
190 Single Employee Entry

These screens can be accessed from screen 4 (Payroll Unit Main Menu).

It is important to remember, when you are entering ZT transactions for a new employee, you must enter wok in the action field to allow the system to accept the transaction.

If it is necessary to change or delete a transaction entered on the above referenced screens, you must use screen 002.

In addition, the screen used to maintain an employees' direct deposit transactions has been moved to the IBM mainframe. It cannot, however, be accessed from the payroll screen menu. To maintain an employees' direct deposit record, type PR32 and enter where you would normally type MSAS to access the payroll system. The direct deposit screen will immediately come into view and functions the same way the screen in OTC did.

Agencies may begin using these screens immediately, however, all agencies must begin using the DBS screens by April 24, 1998 for check date May 08, 1998.

We are aware that the ZT audit report has been an issue for agency payroll offices. We have been able to produce a report that looks more like the report you are accustomed to. However, the report cannot be provided before the next business day. Agencies with compatible printers can have the report printed on site (again, available next business day). Please contact Marty Fortin at (860) 702-3460 so we can set this up for you.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes your office. We do recognize that the screens in the DBS payroll system are more generic and may not seem as "user friendly" as the screens you were using in OTC. As soon as the payroll system is year 2000 compliant, it is our intention to make the enhancements necessary to duplicate more of what's available to you now. Please understand that even what appears to be a small change on a screen can take considerable time and effort to accomplish and retain the integrity and functionality of the screen. Given the critical nature of making the system year 2000 compliant in a relatively short time frame, we did not feel we had the time available to address every issue at this time.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Questions may be referred to any payroll services division staff member, please do not hesitate to contact our office if you require assistance.

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