State of Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller MEMORANDUM NO. 98-49

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December 24, 1998


Attention: Agency Heads, Chief Administrative and Fiscal Officers, and Business Managers
Subject: Policy and Procedures of the Office of the State Comptroller

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide a list of agency responsibilities required by the Office of the State Comptroller. The agencies must meet the State Comptroller requirements in all respects, regardless of any statements or omissions in these procedures.

Fringe Benefit Cost Recovery Rate

Memorandum issued by the Comptroller's Office in July of each fiscal year provides agencies with the fringe benefit cost recovery rate to be used for the fiscal year. All personal service expenditures from Federal and Private Grants accounted for in the General Fund and any funds other than the General Fund are subject to fringe benefit cost recovery.

Statewide Cost Allocation Plans

All agencies receiving Federal or any other grants, or private funds, etc., must prepare a indirect cost proposal or cost allocation plan for each fiscal year of the grant. Within six months after the close of each fiscal year send the proposal/plan to the Comptroller's Office for approval. This allows the state to recover both agency and statewide indirect costs as permitted by Federal regulations.

Calculation of Taxable Benefits of Non-Business Use of State-Provided Vehicles

Memorandum issued by the Comptroller's Office provides instructions for state employees who commute in or use a state vehicle for personal business because certain tax consequences result. Agencies must maintain the records necessary to properly substantiate the dollar value of the vehicle use benefit for the period November 1 through October 31 of each year (special accounting period). A quarterly reporting of these taxable benefits must be recorded on the Comptroller's payroll record for the employee. Agencies are reminded that upon termination of an employee, his/her payroll record must be updated with the employee's final payroll check for the taxes due on this fringe benefit.

Confirmation of Federal and Other Than Federal Grant Receivables (Awards)

A report issued by the Comptroller's Office shows the balances on the Comptroller's records for grant awards appropriated as "receivables" under Sections 3-39a and 13a-166 of the General Statutes as of March 31. Agencies are requested to confirm balances in writing.

Fiscal Year End Instructions

Memorandum issued in May by the State Comptroller advises agencies of the year end due dates and instructions for Receipts, Appropriations, Commitments and Vendor Payments, Transfer Lists, Payrolls and Statewide GAAP Closing and Schedule of Federal Financial Assistance.

Accounts Receivable - UCONN Health Center

This report is the "book value of accounts receivable that are estimated by independent auditors as collectible at The John Dempsey Hospital and for its clinical programs at the UCONN Health Center and Uncas-On-Thames Hospital". A quarterly report is required as of the end of each quarter and should be submitted no later than the 25th of the following month.

Appropriation and Accounts Payable:

Agencies are to ensure that uniform procurement and accounts payable procedures exist and are supported by proper internal controls. Accounting requirements mandated by the State Accounting Manual (SAM) and the Comptroller's Internal Control Directive must be met. The following general state accounting policies and procedures are found in SAM:

Bank Deposits, CO-39
Pending Receipts
Internal Control
Paperless Processing Procedures Lease Purchases, Capital Leases
Purchase Orders State Leased Rental
Personal Service Agreements Travel Authorization
Requisition for Reservation of Funds Purchasing
Purchase Order Amendments Assignments
CO-17 Invoice Procedures Proper Use of Receipt and Document Date
Post Audit Procedures Garnishments against Vendors
Pre-Audit Procedures Federal Income Tax Reporting and Form 1099
Paperless Processing Procedures Unclaimed Checks
Special Processing Procedures Revenue Refund Procedures
Use of Full Liquidation Indicator Interest Expense for Late Payments to Vendors
Cancelling of Vendor Checks, CO-790 Definition of Special Codes
Vendor Check Information, CO-860 EFT's (Electronic Fund Transfers)
EFT-ACH (Automated Clearing House)
Vendor File
Vendor System Inquiries Search Keys
Vendor File/Offset Information Vendor Profile Changes
Vendor Payment History Exception Codes
Adding a Vendor Profile
Transfers and Adjustments
Agency Reports
Comptroller Reports
Financial Reporting
Imprest Petty Cash Funds

The following represent due dates for reporting to the State Comptroller's Office:

Due Date
January 20 Deposit Slips - Agency must submit memo to Comptroller indicating total number of deposit slips required for the next fiscal year.
March 31 Industrial Fund (Vocational Education) - A report showing the balance in excess of $350,000 as shown by adding the Cash Balance, Inventory of Manufactured Articles, Material on Hand & In Process, and Bills Receivable less a deduction for obligations at June 30.
May 31 Petty Cash Fund Report (Report will be as of April 30).
June 30 Accountability Directive 1 (Completed copy in agency file and memo to Auditors of Public Accounts).
July Sales and Services Account (Board of Education and Services for the Blind)
A report of any balance in excess of $300,000 as shown by Cash, Accounts Receivables and Inventory less Accounts Payable as of June 30. This report is required as soon after the end of the fiscal year as is practicable.
July 20 Commissioner of Administrative Services - Estimates of State Agencies Requirements This semi-annual report is the "estimate of the requirements of state agencies for the twelve months immediately succeeding" for those items and services to be purchased for them by DAS.
July 25 Fiscal year end balance of cash held by agency (other than petty cash, activity or welfare funds).
July 31 Pending Receipts - Annual report from agencies with a balance in the 7013 fund as of June 30.
August 1 Annual Inventory report of all Real and Personal Property -
CO-59/Fixed Assets/Property Inventory Report/GAAP Reporting
Form - CO-648B Summary Motor Vehicle Report.
September 1 Report of all bank accounts held by agency as of June 30.
September 5 Submission of GAAP closing package to the Comptroller.
September 30 Dog Tag Sales - Department of Agriculture Report of total income and number of tags or plates sold. Report the cost of the tags and the expenses of distribution.
September 30 Submission of Federal Financial Assistance reporting package to the Comptroller.
December 20 Commissioner of Administrative Services - Estimates of State Agencies Requirements This semi-annual report is the "estimate of the requirements of state agencies for the twelve months immediately succeeding" for those items and services to be purchased for them by DAS.

List of Manuals issued by the State Comptroller

State of Connecticut Property Control Manual

State of Connecticut Accounting Manual (SAM)

State of Connecticut Payroll Policy Manual

Activity and Welfare Funds Manual

Accountability Directive Number 1 (Revised)

Indirect Costs and Fringe Benefit Recovery Manual

Software Management Policy Manual


Please contact the Policy Services Division at (860) 702-3440 with any questions concerning this memorandum.



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