State of Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller MEMORANDUM NO. 98-42

Seal of the Office of the State Comptroller


October 26, 1998


Attention: Chief Fiscal and Administrative Officers, Business Managers
Subject: Issuance of Purchase Orders for Air Travel
  1. Purpose

    Agencies are reminded that the payment of air travel is due within 30 days. For payments requiring the issuance of purchase orders it is imperative that purchase orders be issued promptly.

  2. Authority

    The Department of Administrative Services amended regulations for Reimbursement of State Employees for Expenses Incurred in the Performance of their Duties - Section 5-141c-11 through 5-151c-11. 

    Connecticut General Statutes section 4-98, Appropriations encumbered by purchase order, Connecticut General Statutes 4a-71 and 4a-73, prompt payment by state departments and agencies and administration of prompt payment provisions.

  3. Procedures:
    1. Purchase Orders 

      Purchase orders for individual ticket transactions exceeding $1000 must be prepared immediately and forwarded to the Comptroller's Accounts Payable Division. Agencies are encouraged to issue a blanket purchase order to Sanditz Business Travel Services. This will eliminate the requirement of generating a new purchase order for each transaction exceeding $1000. This memorandum does not apply to individual airline ticket transactions $1000 and under which are paid with the purchasing card in accordance with OSC Memorandum 98-27.
    2. Interest Payments

       Because Sanditz Business Travel Services is considered a small business, payment must be made within 30 days of the receipt of the travel itinerary (which is also the vendor invoice). Each state agency must complete the Invoice-Voucher for Goods or Services (CO-17) in it's entirety and submit the expenditure by paper or electronic submission to the Comptroller's Accounts Payable Division. Payments made after 30 days are subject to interest charges of one percent (1%) per month and must be made in accordance with procedures established in section 12.0 of the State Accounting Manual.

  4. Questions

     Questions may be directed as follows: 

    State Travel Regulations Interpretation:
    Department of Administrative Services: (860) 713-5100 

    Air Travel Billing Questions:
    Comptroller's Management Services Division: (860) 702-3344 

    Late Payment of Interest:
    Comptroller's Accounts Payable Division: (860) 702-3399 

    Memorandum Interpretation:
    Comptroller's Policy Services Division: (860) 702-3440




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