State of Connecticut - 1997 Payroll Services Division Memoranda - Payroll Contacts

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To:Payroll & Personnel Officers
From: Gary Reardon, Director Payroll Services
Date: July 28, 1997
Subject: Payroll Contacts

Attached, you will find a phone list for Payroll Services Division employees, by their job function.

Generally, our technical staff should be contacted only if necessary or by referral. They cannot properly maintain and/or enhance our system if they are answering routine questions.

Thank you.

Payroll Services Division Directory
Fax (860) 702-3699

Director Gary Reardon(860) 702-3445
Assistant Director Anne North 702-3446
SecretaryVivian Perez 702-3447
Network Support - Help Desk
Payroll Supervisor
Ernie Delmonaco
Payroll Coordinator
Auto Insurance
Andrew Leiner 702-3453
Check Release Area
Carla Bryant 702-3471
Direct Deposit
Frank Valvo 702-3456
Petty Cash
Ernie DelMonaco 702-3449
Savings Bond
Mark Bissoni 702-3451
W-2c (Corrections Only)
Andrew Leiner 702-3453
W-2 Information/ Reissues
Vivian Perez 702-3447
Wage Executions
Ann Marie DiMartino 702-3452
Kathei McMullen 702-3454
Withholding Tax Accounting
Nancy Ribes 702-3448
PRE-AUDIT SECTION - Jeannette Wint702-3463
Payroll Processing Payroll Supervisor
Carol Groll
Payroll Coordinator
Check Reissue
Lucy Beaudoin 702-3465
Employee Numbers/ Social Security Numbers & Corrections
Eric Bock 702-3466
Valerie Chappell 702-3467
Employee Transfers
Carol Groll 702-3464
Jeanette Wint 702-3463
(By Level 2's)
Level 2
AA - DS Syed Haider 702-3468
DT - GG Jose Sandoval 702-3469
GH - HP Valerie Chappell 702-3467
HR - KT Lucy Beaudoin 702-3465
KU - XW Eric Bock 702-3466
Data Processing & Conversion
Angelo Romano, Systems Developer IV 702-3457
Marty Fortin, Systems Developer III 702-3460
Winnie Hinkley, Systems Developer II 702-3461
Shannon Brown, Systems Developer I 702-3458
Ron Lemek, Technical Analyst III 702-3476
RJE Agencies
Kermit Kroll, Systems Developer III 702-3462

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