State of Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller - Fiscal Year-End Instructions 96-1

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May 3, 1996


To:All State Agencies
Attention:Chief Fiscal Officer or Business Manager
Subject:General Information
  1. The fiscal year for all departments of State Government shall end the thirtieth day of June (Sec. 4-35).
  2. It is important that you study and closely follow all of the fiscal year-end instructions. If you have any questions, please call the following:
Accounting - Robert Krueger, 566-4570
Deposits - Comptroller Requirements, Karen Hurst 566-5865
- Treasurer Requirements, Joseph Higgins 566-1974
Accounts Payable -
Douglas Vallee, Director, Accounts Payable Division, Comptroller, 566-2868 and for specific procedural questions, see memo 96-4 for telephone numbers.
Payrolls - Gary Reardon, Director, Payroll Services Division, Comptroller, 566-5143
  1. The following additional year-end instructions are being issued. Call Accounting Services (566-4570) if you do not receive all of them.
96-2 Receipts
96-3 Appropriations
96-4 Commitments and Vendor Payments
96-5 Transfer Lists/Corrections for FY 95-96
96-6 Payrolls
96-7 Statewide GAAP Closing/Single Audit Act
  1. Please note that Memorandum 96-4 contains special instructions and cut-off dates for agencies which are processing their commitments and vendor payments electronically through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Paperless Processing. These extended cut-off dates are available only to MOU agencies.
  2. You are responsible for disseminating these instructions to those in your agency required to implement the specific procedures. It is particularly important that all dates and deadlines be observed. We anticipate allowing no exceptions to these instructions.


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