Part B

Many Medicare premium updates for retirees were completed in the March and April 2018 pay cycles. Remaining retirees, spouse and dependent premium updates will be completed in the May 2018 pay cycle. The retro values (the difference due for Jan - April premiums) for retirees and their spouses and/or dependents will be reflected in the May or June pay cycles.

Are you wondering where your retro amount is for January and February? No need to worry! If you are currently receiving the correct Medicare premium reimbursement amount, the retro values are on the way! You should see them in the May or June pay cycles.

Are you wondering if we've received your Medicare premium information for you and your spouse and/or dependent? Noticed that your Medicare premium reimbursement amount has increased, but not the full amount for you and your dependent or spouse? No need to worry! We updated the retirees separately from the spouses and dependents.

We recognize all of your concerns and want you to know we will make you whole and process all submitted reimbursements back to January 2018.