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Why Use this Guide?
The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) have prepared this guide primarily as a reference tool for State Tuition Reimbursement Officers (TROs).  State employees and managers will also benefit by using this guide to apply for benefits under this program. 

This guide gives TROs the general information needed to process applications correctly and consistently for State employees.  We also hope that this document addresses fully and clearly questions asked by past participants so that future participants will know exactly what they need to do in order to be reimbursed and what the criteria are for their particular situation.

How will DAS and OSC Communicate Changes to the Guide?
The Guide is dedicated to a continuing commitment to quality customer service by the Department of Administrative Services and the Office of the State Comptroller. 

The Office of the State Comptroller will maintain the information contained within the Guide and will advise TROs of changes so that they will have the most up-to-date tuition reimbursement information.  Whenever practicable, this updated information will be distributed via e-mail to all TROs statewide and made available on-line via the DAS Website - Human Resources Page and/or the OSC website - Comptroller's Manuals - Union-Funded/Managerial Tuition Reimbursement Procedures.  We have organized this guide to give TROs general information and resources to provide you with more details, as necessary. 

We ask TROs for assistance in keeping this Guide current and as user-friendly and user-relevant as possible.  One way to do this is to bring questions you receive from your agency's employees to our attention.  Another is to communicate changes to the TROs listed in Addendum A.  Additionally, if readers have any difficulty finding information in the Guide or if you have an idea to make this guide more useful, please send an e-mail message to Shari Grzyb, DAS Human Resources Management, at  Shari.Grzyb@CT.Gov or Janine Sterling, OSC-, at  Janine.Sterling@po.state.ct.us .

This guide was prepared for informational purposes only.  It does not represent an extension of benefits beyond those already provided in statute, regulation, policy, or collective bargaining agreements.  This guide, and its contents, cannot be used as a justification for entitlement to benefits.  In any case where there is a conflict between the contents of this guide and the document that established the information (statutes, regulations, collective bargaining agreements, General Letter, DAS- and/or OSC-authorized manual, or other documentation) the original document is considered to be the authoritative reference. 

Thank you to our contributors, past and present
A sincere thank you to those who dedicated time, energy and expertise in order to revise the Guide:  Diane Benedetto, DCF; Karen Caliendo, DEP; Ellen Carter, OPM; Cheryl Catania, DAS; Robert Curtis, OPM (retired); Shari Grzyb, DAS; Elise Helmecki, OSC; Christine Kurpiewski, OSC; Cheryl Malerba, DOT; Carolyn Mercier, OSC; Mike Moschetti, OSC; Janine Sterling, OSC; Nick Visone, DAS; Drenda West, OSC (retired); Linda Yelmini, OPM.